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About ELAS – Social Investment Fund

Since 2000 ELAS Social Investment Fund has been investing exclusively on women’s leadership and rights of women, creating social impact and change.

ELAS know-why
The knowledge and experience acquired throughout the years have confirmed that when investing in women’s rights, the lives of people around them, those of their family and communities are transformed.

Women are half of world’s population and cannot be excluded. We know that the real participation of women in economy and society accelerates social and economic development of a country.

ELAS know-how
ELAS transforms innovative ideas of thousandas of women from different ethnicities, races and sexual orientation into reality.

ELAS launches “call of proposals” to select and support innovative projects of women’s groups working for women’s empowerment and rights.

We have built a pioneering methodology based on meritocracy where women’s groups and organizations use pseudonyms when submitting their proposals. We aim at brake a culture of favoritism and to ensure transparency.

All groups and organizations selected participate in capacity building and dialogue meetings that promote knowledge and encourage the creation of joint strategies so its impact goes further.

Mission and Vision

Promoting and strengthening the leading role and rights of women mobilizing resources and investing in their initiatives.

Investing in women is our way of changing the world: donate to transform.


  • Passion for the cause of women
  • Bonds of Trust
  • Transparency
  • Citizen donation
  • Respect the uniqueness, subjectivity and multiplicity

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