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12nd Public Notice

Year 2002


Fourteen groups were selected in the Fund's 1st Project Competition, held with the support of the Global Found for Women. The social investment totaled R$50,300.00.

Organization: Maria Mulher - Organization of black women

Project: Building the Citizenship of Women Victims of Domestic Violence through Income Generation

Location: Porto Alegre - RS

Objective: To continue professionally training women who are victims of domestic violence in Cruzeiro do Sul, so that they can have a source of income and improve the lives of those who are heads of household. The money donated by the Angela Borba Fund was used to renovate and extend the house where the community kitchen's food production workshops are held, as well as to make clothes and a beauty salon that serves the community at affordable prices.

Value: R$4.800,00

Organization: No Fear of Buttons Group

Project: No Fear of Buttons

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Objective: To train young women to be radio operators, a profession in which there are almost no women. The project aims to develop the necessary skills in girls from 3 public schools in Greater Tijuca to work as audio operators in radio stations in the region, as well as providing them with information on human rights and communication.

Value: R$3.000,00

Organization: COMULHER

Project: "Lesbian Stories" videos

Location: São Paulo -SP

Objective: To show, through a video, real stories about violence against lesbian women in order to deepen the discussion and provoke behavioral changes in men and women.

Value: R$5.000,00

Organization: CAMTRA - House of Working Women

Project: New Mouths

Location: Rio de Janeiro -RJ

Objective: The aim of this project is to develop a training action in the area of human rights and sexist violence involving working women from the center of Rio de Janeiro, in a popular commercial area known as SAARA. The project aims to develop a process involving twenty women in workshops that promote reflection and debate, enabling these women to become multiplier agents in relation to the workers in this commercial area

Value: R$4.000,00

Organization: Women's Union of the Municipality of São Paulo

Project: Women's Guidance Center

Location: São Paulo - SP

Objective: The general objective of this center is to create an orientation service for women that responds to their immediate needs and promotes their integration in order to gain rights and citizenship. The funds requested from the Angela Borba Fund were used to produce promotional material for the center.

Value: R$3.600,00

Organization: Network of Women in Articulation

Project: Women in Network: Working on the themes of reproductive health and violence against women

Location: João Pessoa - PB

Objective: The project aims to directly assist around 120 women through 8 two-day meetings, to train these women on how to prevent violence and on their sexual and reproductive rights. Women in this region emerge as agents with the greatest potential for transformation, whether in community organization (sanitation, housing, sidewalks, health posts) or in the family sphere (owning their own home, farming, small businesses).

Value: R$4.000,00

Organization: Leila Diniz Collective

Project: Citizenship Actions in Defense of Women

Location: Natal - RN

Objective: The project consists of focusing on the demands of women from organized social movements and grassroots entities in the city of Natal with regard to confronting violence against women, strengthening preventive actions carried out at the Women's Police Station, schools and communities, monitoring public security policies that have an impact on women's daily lives, and offering institutional and political support for the actions of the RN Women's Forum.

Value: R$4.000,00

Organization: Grupo Negras Raízes

Project: Negras Raízes

Location: Rio de Janeiro -RJ

Objective: Composed of Afro-Brazilian women, it aims to showcase and revive Brazilian Popular Music, made by women in general and specifically by women of African descent. direct will be, They intend to give 10 free performances to groups such as women prisoners, HIV-positive women and grassroots women's organizations. The funds donated by the Fund were used to buy and renovate the group's instruments.

Value: R$2.550,00

Organization: AOMTBA - Assoc. das Organizações de Mulheres do Baixo Amazonas

Project: V Congresso Parindo: World - Production - Life

Location: Santarém - PA

Objective: To promote the exchange of experiences between women, deciding on the lines of action for the next three years, publicizing and selling products made by them with the aim of valuing the cultural expressions of the peoples of the forest: Indians, blacks, caboclas and others.

Value: R$5.000,00

Organization: Estrela Guia Group

Project: Poetry and Song

Location: Itapipoca - CE

Objective: To publish and disseminate a book with the lyrics of poetry set to music by Nazaré Flor, a self-taught rural worker and settler who tells and sings her life story and that of the women in her community in verse. The publication, in addition to rescuing the oral history of women in the region, will benefit countless organized groups of rural women in the country who are seeking justice and equal opportunities.

Value: R$ 2.500,00

Organization: Tales and Poetry Group

Project: Using short stories and poetry to raise awareness of gender issues

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Objective: To discuss gender issues with women from the Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative Network by reading short stories and poems related to the topic. The aim is to train a facilitator in each workshop to act as an agent for raising awareness of gender issues and to bring about changes in pre-established patterns by raising awareness of the status of women and the socio-economic aspects that involve them.

Value: R$4.000

Organization: Menina Feliz

Project: Live the life

Location: Campina Grande - PB

Objective: To prevent sexual abuse and exploitation among adolescents and girls from the community of Cachoeira, in Campina Grande, Paraíba, through workshops to raise awareness of human rights, personal experience and learning how to make handicrafts, as part of a proposal to empower and improve self-esteem.


Organization: COLERJ - Rio de Janeiro Lesbian Collective

Project: Visibility

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Objective: Legal registration of the group, which until then had been informal, in a Non-Governmental Organization, to enable the group's financial and structural autonomy. And the publication of newsletters on the human and sexual rights of lesbians, gender issues, race, ethnicity and women's health.

Value: R$2.500,00

Organization: Lesbian Group of Bahia

Project: Our Experiences

Location: Salvador - BA

Aim: To produce and publish a small booklet of workshops with the aim of helping other women's groups to find their way through eight years' experience of working with workshops aimed at lesbians.

Value: R$2.500,00