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122nd Public Notice

Year 2009


Twenty groups were selected in the Fund's 12th Project Competition, held with the support of the Kellog Foundation. The projects will receive US$ 14,880.00 each, totaling a social investment of US$ 160 thousand. In this edition, the projects are from organizations and groups from black women in the Northeast, especially quilombolas, that promote human rights and citizenship, institutional strengthening, improvement in socio-economic conditions and the implementation and exercise of actions that promote the fight against racial discrimination.


Project: Quilombo Sabalanga Arte e Cultura
Institution: Grupo de Estudos da Arte Negra, Maceió, AL.


Project: Popular Feminism: black women writing their history in Calafate
Institution: Calafate Women's Collective, Salvador, BA.


Project: black women and Quilombolas in Evidence
Institution: Quilombola Women's Association of Capoeiras, Macaíba, RN.


Project: From Clay to Quilombola Art
Institution: Itamatatua Women's Association, Alcântara, MA.


Project: Negras Mulheres Quilombolas - da Cidade e do Campo Guerreiras
Institution: Núcleo de black women Kilombo, Natal, RN.


Project: O Diário de Dandara: espelho meu, existe alguém mais bonita do que eu?
Institution: Grupo de Trabalho Mulher Negra Flor do Baobá, Maceió, AL.


Project: Support for Women of Quilombola Descent from the Santa Filomena Women's Association
Institution: Santa Filomena Women's Association, Santa Filomena, PE.


Project: Quilombola women from Lagoinha: knowledge and activities
Institution: Association of Family Farmers of the Remaining Quilombo Community of Lagoinha, Ilhéus, BA.


Project: black women Weaving Dreams of Freedom: gender, race, human rights and combating violence against women
Institution: Alto das Pombas Women's Group, Salvador, BA.


Project: Saberes e Viveres da Mulher Negra: história, cultura, dança, umbanda, tranças e bazar
Institution: Centro de Capacitação e Assessoria da Mulher, Fortaleza, CE.


Project: Ciranda de Mulheres
Institution: Clube da Mulher Renascer, Salvador, BA.


Project: Untying Knots
Institution: Suburban Women's Movement, Salvador, BA.


Project: Formation of COMNEGRAS - Legal Orientation Center of the Northeast Network of black women
Institution: black women pela Justiça do Observatório Negro, Recife, PE.


Project: Interweaving Knowledge and Transforming Knowledge
Institution: Women's Liberation Movement, Salvador, BA.


Project: Nanny's Project - Young Women on the Move
Institution: Women's Collective of the Kutala Nleeke Institute, Salvador, BA.


Project: Ceramics Workshop
Institution: Community Association of Laurelsmiths of Serra do Talhado, Santa Luzia, PB.


Project: Rede Mulheres de Axé: articulando saberes e poderes
Institution: MOLIMBRA - Núcleo de Articulação de black women, Salvador, BA.


Project: In Rosalina's Favela
Institution: Somos Rosas Lindas, Fortaleza, CE.


Project: Race, Gender and Health: an intervention struggle in the Santo Amaro quilombo
Institution: Santo Amaro Quilombo Development Association, Itacaré, BA.


Project: All the Beauty of Matriarchy at Axé
Institution: Ilê Oiá Togun Cultural Association, Paulista, PE.