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192nd Public Notice

Year 2014


The 19th call for proposals selected 31 organizations from 13 states in the five regions of the country to receive a total direct investment of R$ 2 million in donations, in addition to investment in the selection, training and monitoring of the initiatives, for a total investment of R$ 3.1 million in the fight against domestic violence. The initiatives will be financed through the Fale sem Medo (Speak Without Fear) Fund, which brings together donations from Avon and consumers who purchase products created especially for raising funds for projects aimed at the causes defended globally by Avon, including the fight against domestic violence.

Name of project: As Rosas Falam - Mulheres em Ação II
Name of organization: Coletivo Levante Mulher
Location: São Paulo/SP
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The aim of the project is to exchange knowledge, experiences and information through experiences, lectures, workshops, Theatre of the Oppressed and street actions (parade, ciranda), as well as the presentation of the theatrical show "ROSAS - a poetic performance about the condition of women in a sexist society".
Name of project: Organiza virando o Jogo - Confronting violence and the violation of girls' rights through sport
Name of organization: GAMIRN - Grupo Afirmativo de Mulheres Independentes do RN
Location: Natal/RN
Donation: R$ 40,000.00

Project seeks social transformation to combat violence and violations of girls' rights through sport and income generation.
Name of project: Leadership de Preta
Name of organization: Grupo Cultural Balé das Iyabas
Location: Rio de Janeiro/ RJ
Donation: R$ 21,406.00

Project aims to highlight Leadership of black women and the fight against domestic violence as one of the ways to empowerment and strengthening through a methodology of workshops with participatory debates and Afro dance.
Name of project: Tambores Pelo Fim da Violência Doméstica - Tocar Pode, Bater Não! - ANO II
Name of organization: Instituto A Mulherada
Location: Salvador/BA
Donation: R$ 39,700.00

The project aims to disseminate the Maria da Penha Law, its advances and challenges, with art and culture as allies in this fight, building an awareness of harmony and peace not only in homes but also in everyday life.
Project name: #EUCOMISSO? - TV Show to Combat Violence against Women
Name of organization: Instituto de black women Flores de Dan
Location: Salvador/BA
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The goal of the project is to produce a TV program to give visibility to actions to combat violence against women promoted by various social entities and groups in Bahia in the fight for human rights.
Project name: VIVA SEM VIOLÊNCIA - Income Generation Program and Prevention of Domestic Violence
Organization name: Centro de Defesa da Vida - CDVIDA
Location: Duque de Caxias/RJ
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The project aims to value and defend the lives of women and families in situations of domestic violence, guiding and accompanying these women so that they become the protagonists of their lives and break the cycle of violence, being able to live a better life.
Project name: Red Card training cycle on domestic violence
Organization name: Streetfootballworld Brasil Association
Location: Rio de Janeiro/ RJ
Donation: R$ 130,000.00

The project aims to train female multipliers and provide them with content and good practices that they can pass on to their organizations in order to combat domestic violence.
Project name: Women in Action: yes to affection, no to violence!
Organization name: Association of Quilombola Women of Capoeiras
Location: Macaíba / RN
Donation: R$ 40,000.00

Project aims to reduce domestic violence in the quilombola community, combating alcoholism as one of the main factors.
Project name: APITAÇO - Women Facing Violence
Organization name: Women's Citizenship Group
Location: Recife / PE
Donation: R$ 139,550.00

The project aims to strengthen women in the Northeast to confront violence against women through collective action, with the whistle as an instrument of struggle, warning and reference.
Project name: Weaving Solidarity
Organization name: Projeto Semear Esperança de Carbonita - PROSESC
Location: Carbonita/MG
Donation: R$ 39,200.00

The project aims to structure a support and guidance network for women regarding violence and women's rights.
Project name: Mulheres de Axé Mobilizadas contra a Violência Doméstica e Familiar
Organization name: Ilê Omolu Oxum
Location: São João de Meriti/ RJ
Donation: R$ 36,365.00

The project seeks to mobilize and promote the participation of Rio de Janeiro's terreiro communities in the fight against violence against women through awareness-raising actions and the launch of a public campaign aimed at these communities.
Name of project: Feminist training to combat violence against women
Name of organization: Grupo Transas do Corpo - Ações Educativas em Gênero, Saúde e Sexualidade
Location: Goiânia/GO
Donation: R$ 97,800.00

The project aims to offer feminist training to women of different ages, with a focus on building campaigns and strategies to end violence.
Name of project: Women farmers: fighting violence, building citizenship
Name of organization: Associação Comunitária de Educação em Saúde e Agricultura - ACESA
Place: Bacabal/ MA
Donation: R$ 26,850.00

The project aims to contribute to strengthening the empowerment of women in Acesa's areas of operation through mapping and training workshops on the main forms of violence faced and coping strategies.
Name of project: Domestic Violence and Compulsory Notification in Targeting the Women's Network
Name of organization: Associação Renascer Mulher - ASSOREM
Location: Salvador/BA
Donation: R$ 126,862.00

The project aims to mobilize, sensitize and train health workers, education workers, security workers, leaders and civil society in 11 of the 22 communities where we have already carried out the blitz on the importance of compulsory notification as a way of preventing cases of violence and death among women, especially in the family.
Name of project: Promotoras em Ação
Name of organization: Promotoras Legais Populares de São Carlos
Location: São Carlos/ SP
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

Project aims to hold courses and other actions such as lectures and events to multiply knowledge about women's rights.
Project name: Maria Felipa: Women of Cachoeira: Acting, Listening and Revolutionizing
Organization name: Instituto Búzios (Fundação Casa Paulo Dias Adorno)
Location: Salvador/BA
Donation: R$ 46,662.00

The project seeks to inform and train women so that the multifaceted problem of violence against women can be confronted intersectorally, using transdisciplinary knowledge to instrumentalize and enforce their rights in relation to the implementation of Federal Laws 11340; 10788 of November 24 and Decree 7958 of March 13, 2013.
Name of project: Mulheres Quebrando as Barreiras do Silêncio Contra a Violência
Name of organization: Associação de Desenvolvimento Comunitário de Santa Maria do Pará - ADESC/PA
Location: Santa Maria do Pará/PA
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The project aims to strengthen existing initiatives carried out in the municipality of Belém and neighboring municipalities to break the barriers of silence and confront domestic violence against women.
Project name: Roque Pense! Festival 2014
Organization name: Roque Pense
Location: Duque de Caxias/RJ
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The project aims to create a space for expression from the female perspective, as well as to publicize the high rates of gender violence in the region, raising a discussion about all forms of violence practiced especially against young women.
Name of project: Jornadas contra violência doméstica no Pará
Name of organization: CEDENPA - Centro de Estudos e Defesa do Negro do Pará
Location: Belém/PA
Donation: R$ 140,000.00

The project aims to contribute to the process of combating domestic violence in Pará through dialogue with different audiences and the joint construction of activities to combat the problem.
Name of project: Youth and Art everywhere: for an end to Violence against Women
Name of organization: Casa da Mulher Trabalhadora - CAMTRA
Location: Rio de Janeiro/ RJ
Donation: R$ 130,000.00

The project aims to carry out a campaign against domestic violence based on young women, combining the group's experience in training young women to be multipliers with cultural and artistic interventions.
Name of project: Safeguarding Faith, Tradition and Autonomy
Name of organization: Associação Nacional das Baianas de Acarajé, Mingau, Receptivo e Similares - ABAM
Location: Salvador/BA
Donation: R$ 140,000.00

Project aims to strengthen the representativeness of local feminist leaders and encourage the participation of women in spaces of power in the municipality, especially black women.
Project name: Vozes Negras Femininas, Aqualtunes, Nzingas, Dandaras e Acotirenes soltam suas vozes
Organization name: Coletivo de black women de Mato Grosso do Sul " Raimunda Luzia de Brito"
Location: Campo Grande/ MS
Donation: R$ 140.000,00

The project aims to have an impact on the sad reality of domestic violence through reflexive mobilization to combat violence aimed at young women and black women.
Name of project: Bolos do Patrimônio Imaterial de Pernambuco
Name of organization: Centro de Mulheres Urbanas e Rurais de Lagoa do Carro e Carpina - CEMUR
Location: Lagoa do Carro/ PE
Donation: R$ 40,000.00

Project aims to tackle domestic violence by generating income and valuing traditional Pernambuco cuisine through workshops to pass on popular knowledge.
Name of project: Roupas ao Vento: dançarando e cultivando energias vitais femininas
Name of organization: Instituto Transformance: Cultura e Educação
Location: Marabá/PA
Donation: R$ 29,400.00

The project aims to give visibility to the actions that the institute is already carrying out, as well as enabling a new step in its history of directly, publicly and carefully touching on an issue that is so essential in the lives of hundreds of women. Inspiring debates that lead to reflection and transformation of the situation of risk and violence to which many girls, young women and women are subjected.
Name of project: Pela Vida Pela Paz: Uma Campanha Comunitária da Rádio Mulher
Name of organization: Associação de Mulheres do Complexo do Alemão Morros, Favelas e Periferias do Rio de Janeiro
Location: Rio de Janeiro/ RJ
Donation: R$ 40,000.00

The project aims to engage Rádio Mulher - Um Ambiente Comunitário in a culture of peace to eradicate violence against women, based on specific objectives to combat violence against women.
Name of project: Boneca de Pano: Circulating in the 16 days of activism campaign to end violence against women 2014
Name of organization: (Em) Companhia de Mulheres - Coletivo de Pesquisa Teatral Feminista
Location: Florianópolis/ SC
Donation: R$ 20,000.00

The project aims to give theatrical performances for young and adult women and men, with theatrical art as a means of informing and disseminating women's rights, fostering audience formation and generating reflection and discussion on the complexity of the problem of violence against women.
Name of project: Women overcoming domestic violence - communication, art and culture
Name of organization: Cunhã - Feminist Collective
Location: João Pessoa/PB
Donation: R$ 40,000.00

The project aims to promote public debate on women as subjects for transforming reality, capable of overcoming the cycle of domestic violence and fighting for the implementation of the Maria da Penha Law.
Project name: "Expanding the Network to Combat Violence against Women in Brazil"
Organization name: GELEDÉS - Black Women's Institute
Location: São Paulo/SP
Donation: R$ 140,000.00

The project aims to set up a National Network of Popular Legal Promoters to accompany and monitor the implementation of the Maria da Penha Law.
Name of project: For contextualized, critical and in-depth journalistic coverage of violence against women and the application of the Maria da Penha Law
Name of organization: Instituto Patrícia Galvão - Mídia e Direitos
Location: São Paulo/SP
Donation: R$ 130,840.00

The project aims to contribute to broadening and deepening the debate on violence against women and the application of the Maria da Penha Law in the traditional media and on social networks, by systematizing and making data, information and strategic analyses available on the web, as well as raising awareness among communication professionals about the reality of the problem.
Name of project: Novas Mulheres
Name of organization: Associação dos Pequenos Agricultores da Comunidade Chapéu de Pena - Grupo de Mulheres Vencedoras
Location: Santana do Mundaú / AL
Donation: R$ 18,365.00

The project aims to contribute to women's autonomy as a way of combating domestic violence through dynamic projects and dialogue.
Name of project: Overcoming Paradigms and Strengthening the Roots of Popular Culture
Name of organization: Associação das Mulheres de Nazaré da Mata - AMUNAM
Location: Nazaré da Mata / PE
Donation: R$ 87.000,00
The project aims to disseminate the art of making Maracatu Rural costumes to groups of all age groups in the community and region and to combat violence against women in the region.

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