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202nd Public Notice

Year 2015



The result of an unprecedented partnership with the Unibanco Institute and the Carlos Chagas Foundation, the "Elas nas Exatas" competition aims to help reduce the impact of gender inequalities on students' career choices and access to higher education. Ten projects have been selected, which will be carried out with high school students from public schools and aimed at encouraging girls to get involved in the exact sciences and technologies, raising awareness among school management.

Name of Project: Tem Menina no Circuito
Proponent: Grupo Com Ciência no Circuito (Universidade Federal do RJ)
Location: Nova Iguaçu - RJ
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To hold workshops on electrical circuits using flexible conductive materials, threads and fabrics; to train in basic programming using the free Arduino software and to develop projects with the LilyPad.

Name of Project: #Nativas Digitais #Elas nas Exatas
Proponent: Fundação Casa Paulo Dias Adorno
Location: Cachoeira - BA
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To train young women in the principles of the exact and technological sciences, disseminating key concepts of basic mathematics, algorithms, programming and syntax of the most popular languages to enhance logical reasoning, empowering them with information on gender and race equality, raising their awareness of possible futures.

Name of Project: Oguntec
Proponent: Steve Bike Cultural Institute
Location: Salvador - BA
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To disseminate successful experiences of black women scientists to encourage and support students through a series of lectures and debates.

Name of Project: Performance - Lesson: History of Women in Science and Technology - opening up space for young women in today's society
Proponent: (Em) Companhia de Mulheres - Feminist theater research collective.
Location: Florianópolis - SC
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To create a performance-lesson that will historically present the women who have contributed to the development of science through research, text creation, production and presentation by high school girls.

Name of Project: Virando o Jogo - Elas nas Exatas - Social transformation for young women and adolescents in the field of technology and natural sciences
Proponent: Grupo Afirmativo de Mulheres Independentes do Rio Grande do Norte.
Location: Natal - RN
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To contribute to the creation of spaces for reflection and discussion on the subject of education, professionalization and youth, stimulating the critical sense of young women, in order to encourage the reduction of gender inequalities through soccer and music. To encourage female students to take part in the Rio Grande do Norte Science and Technology Week and to strengthen the school's science fair with the participation of female students.

Name of Project: Empoderadas
Proponent: Empoderadas
Location: São Paulo - SP
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To develop webseries with female students with life stories from black women in science. To show videos and hold discussions to encourage debate on the importance of black women 's participation in science.

Name of Project: Aquaponics: an alternative for diversifying the classroom
Proponent: Associação de Pais e Mestres e Comunitários da Escola Estadual Deputado João Valério
Location: Itacoatira - AM
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To stimulate students' interest in the exact and natural sciences through fish farming and vegetable production provided by aquaponics.

Name of Project: Engenheiras da Borborema
Proponent: Women in Engineering (Federal University of Campina Grande)
Location: Campina Grande - PB
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To motivate women to enter engineering and technology courses by holding rounds of lectures on women in engineering, electronics and IT workshops, workshops on new teaching methods for mathematics and physics and teaching workshops for deaf students.

Name of Project: They in the Sciences: Experiencing a new era Leadership and effectiveness of the female students of Escola Deputado Joaquim de Figueiredo Correia in the exact sciences and technologies of secondary education
Proponent: EEFM Deputado Joaquim de Figueiredo Correia Executive Unit
Location: Iracema - CE
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To create a science club, promote robotics workshops, give lectures and scientific events and encourage girls to take part in the math, physics and robotics Olympics.

Name of Project: Women in Engineering
Proponent: Formula SAE Project - Federal University of São João Del Rey
Location: São João Del Rey - MG
Donation: R$30,000
Objective: To provide female students with training in the automotive field through the development of a vehicle from design to final product. The project consists of 8 stages: chassis/aerodynamics, steering, electronics, product engineering, braking, engine, suspension and transmission.

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