Building the future: reflections on 2023 and the role of feminist philanthropy in the coming years


We have reached the end of another remarkable year for ELAS+, full of achievements and challenges overcome. The year 2023 has witnessed our tireless commitment to the cause of cis, trans and other transident women, an unceasing journey for gender and racial equality.

In our latest research, "Feminist Activism and Transformative Philanthropy Post-Pandemic", carried out in October, we pointed out the persistent challenges that women's organizations face in accessing resources - 94% of the initiatives surveyed reported difficulty in financing their activities. This is a reminder of the continuing need for transformation in the philanthropy landscape.

In this special edition of "Conversation with ELAS+," we share with you the highlights of our trajectory throughout 2023. It was a year of significant investment in institutional strengthening, with strategic planning backed by consultants specializing in strategy, diversity and equity. Here we share our view of how this experience strengthens our mission to empower cis, trans and other trans-identity women, promoting social justice in all spheres.

We would also like to highlight the international achievements of ELAS+, since the exchange of activists from the Black Women Alliance For the End of Violencein the United States, to our participation in COP 28 in Dubai, reinforcing the importance of integrating the debate on climate justice with that on gender justice.

In Brazil, our actions continue to be solid, with the highlight being the seventh edition of the "Building Movements" call for proposals, which beat the record number of applications, and our biggest Dialogue ever, essential elements in our transformation methodology.

As we reflect on these advances, we reinforce our conviction that investing in feminist philanthropy is investing in the future. Resources directed to organizations that defend women's rights have a transformative impact, and we are more motivated than ever for the new year ahead. We invite you to join us on this journey, to support feminist philanthropy and build a world where the rights of all women are recognized, protected and celebrated.

We wish you inspiring reading and joyful celebrations! 

Let 2024 come!

Amalia Fischer

Amalia Fischer

Founder, co-founder and Managing Director of ELAS+ Giving for change
Fellow Ashoka and Synergos
Co-founder of the Prospera Network of Women's Funds, the Network of Funds for Social Justice and the Urgent Action Fund for Latin America