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262nd Public Notice

Year 2019


ELAS Fund, UN Women and NGO Empodera announce the results of the ELAS in Sports - One Victory Leads to Another call for proposals, which aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society institutions and groups to empower girls through sport.
Nine organizations were selected to receive financial and technical support to develop projects for gender equality and the inclusion of girls in sports. The selected projects will work with sports such as soccer, volleyball, handball, badminton, dance, rhythmic gymnastics and rugby.

Various regions of the municipality will benefit from the actions, which will take place in Morro dos Prazeres (Santa Teresa), Jacarepaguá, Favela da Chacrinha (Praça Seca), Pedra de Guaratiba, Complexo do Alemão (Ramos), Cidade de Deus, Manguinhos, Ipanema, Rocinha and Complexo da Maré.

The selected organizations will take the "One Victory Leads to Another" program to these different neighborhoods and regions of Rio, an interdisciplinary training program with a series of thematic and sports workshops. As well as acquiring skills brought about by sport and applicable to other areas of life - focus, discipline, persistence, teamwork, respect for rules and appreciation of diversity - through the program, the girls also acquire important skills for other areas of life: leadership and strengthening self-esteem, sexual and reproductive health and rights, combating violence against women, financial education and planning for the future.

"As co-founder of the ELAS Fund and also of REMS - Rede Esporte pela Mudança Social (Sports Network for Social Change), I can say that we are very proud to support projects that will empower girls in various neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro and to be able to move forward with this very important agenda, which is gender equality in sports," says Amalia Fischer, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund.

UN Women draws attention to the importance of sport for the empowerment of girls in their places of life. "Investing in girls means developing talents and skills so that they can deal with and confront the vulnerabilities resulting from sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. In addition, the partnership with the selected organizations strengthens the women's movement and the sustainability of the actions with Leadership of the communities", says Ana Carolina Querino, interim representative of UN Women Brazil.

"It's very important to know that so many organizations are engaged in tackling gender inequalities. The "One Victory Leads to Another" program aims to further strengthen these initiatives so that adolescent girls have access to safe and inclusive sports programs and opportunities to develop their full potential," says Jane Moura, president of Empodera - Social Transformation through Sport.
Participating in the ELAS in Sports - One Victory Leads to Another call for proposals were organizations from Rio de Janeiro that have taken the One Victory Leads to Another training course, developed by UN Women and the NGO Empodera. The training will be offered again in the second half of 2019.

Check out the list of selected organizations:

Project: Practicing sport, winning in life
Organization: Instituto Promundo
Sport(s): soccer, volleyball, handball
Location: Morro dos Prazeres (Santa Teresa)

Project: MIRATUS and ELAS in Sports
Organization: MIRATUS Badminton Association
Sport(s): badminton
Location: Jacarepaguá and Favela da Chacrinha (Praça Seca)

Project: Menina Mariá
Organization: Centro Social para Trabalhos Comunitários
Sport(s): volleyball
Location: Pedra de Guaratiba

Project: Girls on the Field: Who gives them the ball?
Organization: Angelica Goulart Foundation
Sport(s): soccer, volleyball and dance
Location: Pedra de Guaratiba

Project: Metamorfose
Organization: AICEL - Associação Integrada de Cultura, Esporte & lazer
Sport(s): rhythmic gymnastics
Location: Complexo do Alemão (Ramos)

Project: Winners Program 2019
Organization: ICA - Partners of the Americas Institute
Sport(s): soccer
Location: Cidade de Deus

Project: Women on the pitch: free, empowered and rugby!
Organization: Fluminense Federation of Rugby Union - FFRU
Sport(s): rugby
Location: Manguinhos

Project: Meninas de Areia - Rugby É Nossa Paixão (RENP)
Organization: Rio Rugby Futebol Clube
Sport(s): rugby
Location: Ipanema and Rocinha

Project: Play like a girl
Organization: União Esportiva Vila Olímpica da Maré
Sport(s): handball
Location: Complexo da Maré

Photo of girls playing and celebrating