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32nd Public Notice

Year 2003


Twelve groups were selected in the Fund's 3rd Project Competition, held with the support of the Ford Foundation. The social investment totaled R$70,085.00. In this edition, the projects are from women's organizations and groups that promote human rights, such as the Promotoras Legais.


Organization: Pró-Mulher - Barbacenense Association for the Protection of Women

Project: Social Legal Promoters

Objective: To train women as social promoters so that they can mobilize the grassroots community to take part in issues of law and citizenship, broadening the dialogue with justice, health and education operators.

Location: Barbacena - MG

Value: R$6.000,00


Organization: AMAMU - Association of Women and Friends of Morro do Urubu

Project: Breaking Barriers with Legal Information

Objective: To train women through a course in the basics of law (constitutional norms, labor law, consumer protection, family law, children's and adolescents' statutes); to enable them to exercise some of these legal rights through the use and knowledge of computers (Windows, Word and Internet workshops); to create environments for reflection on human rights in an extremely adverse context such as that experienced in communities dominated by drug trafficking; to discuss gender-based interpersonal conflict patterns, reflecting on stereotypes and expectations related to the way men and women deal with conflicts.

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Value: R$5.525,00


Organization: GAMP - Autonomous Women's Group of Pelotas

Project: Training Popular Legal Promoters

Objective: To train women, community leaders, to act in defense of women's human rights; to combat gender discrimination; to equip these women with knowledge of current legislation regarding women's human rights; to encourage women to become a reference point in the community where they work; to identify the various types of violence against women; to develop workshops on feminism, gender and interpersonal relationships; to raise awareness about the various forms of discrimination in society; to provide information on the subject; to provide visits to the city's judicial institutions.

Location: Pelotas - RS

Value: R$4.350,00


Organization: ENCAMTO - Tocantins Women's House Entity

Project: Training Popular Legal Promoters in Palmas

Objective: To train women from different districts of Palmas to become PLPs using the methodology used by Brazilian organizations with experience in this sector. To raise awareness of the cause among civil society through campaigns and publicity; to support the start-up of PLPs in the communities and to disseminate the results of the experience.

Location: Palmas - TO

Value: R$5.000,00


Organization: GADIM - Beth Calvet Women's Rights and Action Group

Project: Maria Maria

Objective: To spread information about the rights of women who are victims of domestic and conjugal violence; to increase the community's awareness of the organizations that fight to guarantee the rights of women who are victims of violence; to strengthen intra-family relations in the process of understanding what it means to practice and suffer violence in its different aspects; to serve as research material and indicators that can influence the formulation of public policies.

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Value: R$ 7.000,00


Organization: THEMIS - Legal Advice and Gender Studies

Project: Stop! Or you'll be a victim forever!

Objective: To understand contraceptive methods, as well as the importance of preventing STDs, encouraging women and adolescents to build a critical awareness of domestic and urban violence, helping to reduce it; to identify situations of domestic violence through lectures and workshops and the various ways of reporting them; to inform the community in general about women's rights and access to them.

Location: Porto Alegre - RS

Value: R$ 7.000,00


Organization: ASLOFS - Agremiação de Livre Orientação Sexual Feminina - Sulamita

Project: Women Helping Women

Objective: to train women who work with women in the city of Feira de Santana in human rights, ethnicity, female sexuality, sexual orientation and gender, multiplying the knowledge learned; to seek rapport and share information between women's leaders; to encourage the formalization of a police report on violence and discrimination suffered by women among the participating organizations.

Location: Feira de Santana - BA

Value: R$ 5.000,00


Organization: Ser Mulher - Centre for Urban and Rural Women's Studies

Project: Recycling Citizenship

Objective: To stimulate the actions of citizenship agents, popular legal promoters, in the communities they affect; to renew the process of democratization of legal knowledge, in particular that which pertains to gender relations; to create the means for PLPs to provide up-to-date guidance to the target populations; to strengthen the institutional training program for Female Community Leaders for their work at municipal and regional level.

Location: Nova Friburgo - RJ

Value: R$5.450,00


Organization: ADSC - Doralice Simões Association for Assistance to Women with Disabilities and Community Development

Project: Walking Through Differences

Objective: To train 30 women, 15 with disabilities and 15 lesbians, living on the outskirts of the city, preparing them for access to justice; strengthening the participation of lesbians and women with disabilities, introducing them to grassroots movements and organizations and creating opportunities to act for their rights.

Location: Guaianases - SP

Value: R$5.730,00


Organization: ORIASHÈ - Organization of black women

Project: Popular Legal Promoters in Action

Objective: To spread information on human rights and gender and race issues; to provide tools and strengthen the search for citizenship, developing the critical awareness of these women; to promote access to justice by informing them of legally guaranteed rights; to build a reference center for women's rights.

Location: São Paulo - SP

Value: R$ 5.000,00


Organization: Organization of black women Maria do Egito

Project: Mechanisms for the Defense and Protection of Women's Rights

Objective: Aimed at strengthening and broadening citizenship and knowledge about instruments for defending women's self-esteem, so that they can act politically and influence decision-making processes, as well as sensitizing government agents and decision-makers to the gender perspective. All of this is aimed at implementing public equality policies. The project is based on a process of constituting real and full citizenship for women by giving visibility to the real situation of discrimination in which they find themselves.

Location: Aracaju - SE

Value: R$5.930,00


Organization: Women's Union of São Paulo

Project: Popular Legal Promoters

Objective: The aim of the project is to train women to access justice and human rights through a multidisciplinary approach to law, covering the areas of violence and human rights, international conventions to combat discrimination and violence against women.

Location: São Paulo - SP

Value: R$ 6.900,00