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42nd Public Notice

Year 2004


Twenty-two groups were selected in the Fund's IV Project Competition, held with the support of Mama Cash and the Lèvi Strauss Foundation. The social investment totaled R$84,662.33. In this edition, the projects are from women's organizations and groups that promote economic independence, expand access to education and encourage sports activities.


Organization: Group of Fisherwomen from the Marudá Community Centre

Project: Sea is Life

Objective: To teach fishermen's wives how to make fishing nets as a way of getting out of total economic dependence on their partners, generating income and gaining self-esteem.

Location: Marapanim - PA

Value: R$ 4.410,00


Organization: CCABY - Centro Cultural Afro-Brasileiro Yamin

Project: Odara Education

Objective: Training workshops in Afro aesthetics and costume jewelry, accompanied by lectures on rights, health and nutrition for women in the community as a way of promoting income generation and self-esteem.

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Value: R$ 3.000,00


Organization: Chapéu Mangueira Women's Group

Project: Articulation, Art and Life

Objective: A renovation was carried out on the community's existing House of Arts. From there, a group of women from the community were able to resume the work of creating ceramic art, which had existed for many years under the guidance of the late artist Celeida Tostes. The group has also started to develop other handicrafts, valuing the integration of the group and the self-esteem of the individual women.

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: Ilê Mulher Charitable Cultural Association

Project: From Trash to Luxury

Objective: Workshops were held on manicures, pedicures, African hair, handicrafts with recycled material, accompanied by talks on human rights, health and sexuality, and STD/AIDS prevention with women from a low-income community on the outskirts of Porto Alegre who had no access to this type of activity.

Location: Porto Alegre - RS

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: Zuzu Angel - Association for Gender Equality and Social Transformation

Project: Hand Art, Woman's Hand

Objective: The women of the Areado slum were trained in the production of clothes, rugs, bedding, bags and hats using scraps of fabric from the Coteminas company, as well as learning how to manage and market the pieces within a solidarity economy.

Location: Natal - RN

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: INC - Black Institute of Ceará

Project: Negra Fulô de Mandacaru

Objective: To train a group of young black women and adolescent multipliers on the themes of gender, race and ethnicity, with the aim of passing on the knowledge acquired to other local communities. Training workshops were held for 25 young black women on the themes of: inter-personal relations, gender, race and ethnicity, the body and sexuality; social movements and feminism, community communication. Partnerships were established to multiply the project with public schools, community associations and local NGOs.

Location: Fortaleza - CE

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: Quilombo Asantewaa - Training Centre for black women

Project: Ára Odára: Itinerant Women's Health Workshop

Objective: Itinerant workshops were held in 6 different neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, directly reaching 155 women. The main theme, the health of black women, was dealt with from the thematic axes: body and self-esteem, preventive and reproductive health and STD/AIDS. The methodology used was art, crafts and dance.

Location: Salvador - BA

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: Minas Gerais Lesbian Association

Project: Fighting Gender Violence

Objective: To start building a place where women from a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the city could meet and receive training on various topics that would help them improve their lives. The shed was completed with events and the support of other local organizations.

Location: Belo Horizonte - MG

Value: R$ 4.000,00


Organization: Informal Women's Group of the Lemos Settlement

Project: Handicrafts Rescuing Values

Objective: The women of this rural settlement in the interior of the state already produced some embroidered cross-stitch and crochet pieces, but had no sales opportunities. With the support of the Fund, it was possible to increase production and start marketing activities through participation in craft fairs as a way of generating income for them and their families.

Location: Maragogi - AL

Value: R$ 1.272,50


Organization: MAES - Movement for the Love of Education

Project: Popular Education: A Challenge to be Overcome

Objective: Cloth books and other low-cost educational objects were made for early childhood education, helping to provide economic support for educators who are in the process of gaining professional qualifications and who, for the most part, are the breadwinners for their families.

Location: Porto Alegre - RS

Value: R$ 2.000,00


Organization: As Arteiras

Project: Women Teaching Lace Making

Objective: The renovation of the house where the group of Arteiras, women from the community of Casa Branca and neighboring communities in the hills of Grande Tijuca, could develop their craft skills with recycled paper and organize themselves to sell within the principles of a solidarity economy, was completed.

Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Value: R$ 4.105,61


Organization: Serra Azul Community Health Agents Group

Project: Promoting Women's Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Everyday Healthcare

Objective: To promote access to and information about women's sexual and reproductive rights and against gender-based violence by training health workers and holding workshops with women from the community.

Location: Ribeirão Preto - SP

Value: R$ 4.980,00


Organization: Minas de Cor - Space for Citizenship and Culture

Project: New Contours: Lesbians from the Periphery

Objective: To reduce the vulnerabilities of black lesbians living on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo, through participatory research to identify lesbians living in the area, their living needs, their level of information on health and STD/HIV/AIDS and the prevention of these diseases, as well as the distribution of reference material.

Location: São Bernardo do Campo - SP

Value: R$ 4.400,00


Organization: Women Crocheters

Project: Creating Hands

Objective: To run crochet and fuxico courses for poor women in the community, while giving lectures on human rights, preventing domestic violence, family planning, STDs, health and hygiene, as well as self-management.

Location: Santo André - SP

Value: R$ 4.956,60


Organization: Women's Committee of the Miscelânea Association

Project: Fuxico & Artesanato

Objective: To value the creative potential of women, transforming it into opportunities that provide income, leisure and social responsibility, by providing handicraft courses open to the community and encouraging the creation of a network of artisans.

Location: Carapicuíba - SP

Value: R$ 5.000,00


Organization: Casa Laudelina de Campos Mello - Black Women's Organization

Project: Women's Health and Reproductive Rights

Objective: To increase women's knowledge and awareness of their health by creating a space for reflection and study and access to various forms of knowledge, as well as through a series of workshops on women's health.

Location: Campinas - SP

Value: R$ 4.849,00


Organization: AMAR - Association of Mothers and Friends of Children and Adolescents at Risk

Project: Tightening Ties

Objective: To strengthen the group of mothers with children in FEBEM so that they can organize themselves in pursuit of their rights and the rights of their children, by holding reflection groups and workshops on human rights, legal aspects of internment, violence, aspects of adolescence, family relationships and drugs.

Location: São Paulo - SP

Value: R$ 4.745,00


Organization: Centro de Defesa Refazendo Vínculos

Project: Sewing Workshop: Girls Rebuilding Links

Objective: Sewing workshop with the aim of forming groups of girls with self-sufficient craft skills, enriching the girls' cultural and social universe, enabling an income-generating activity (paper and cloth dolls), using the space to exchange experiences about women's daily lives, their affective and sexual identity, helping them to build their gender identity.

Location: São Paulo - SP

Value: R$ 4.300,00


Organization: Oasis Women's Group, Poty Project Cooperative

Project: Banana Fibers: Work and Income

Objective: To maintain and strengthen the training center for handicraft work with dried banana fibers in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods and to integrate these women into a broader income generation project that already exists in the community.

Location: Itanhaém - SP

Value: R$ 4.156,00


Organization: Women of Fiber Group

Project: Interweaving

Objective: To develop training and improve artistic and utilitarian products made from banana fiber, in order to increase the family income of women in vulnerable economic situations.

Location: Iguape - SP

Value: R$4.620,00


Organization: RNP Women's Group + National Network of People Living with AIDS/HIV

Project: Being a Woman

Objective: To strengthen the group of women living with HIV/AIDS, their families and friends by creating and expanding spaces for exchange and reflection on citizenship, the value of life, gender relations, empowerment, sexuality and issues related to HIV/AIDS.

Location: Catanduva - SP

Value: R$ 4.993,00


Organization: Grupo de black women Nzinga Mbandi

Project: STD/HIV/AIDS - Health, Reproductive Rights, Knowledge and Prevention

Objective: To run courses aimed at training health multipliers on the following topics: sexuality and reproductive rights, the body, citizenship, safe sex, condom negotiation, STD/HIV/AIDS - symptoms and treatments, field supervision and assistance to families.

Location: Piracicaba - SP

Value: R$ 4.980,00