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72nd Public Notice

Year 2007


Ten projects from the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo were selected in the 7th competition, supported by the Lèvi Strauss Foundation. The total social investment is R$35,870.00. In this edition, the projects are from women's organizations and groups that promote economic independence and increased access to education.


Organization: AMZOL - Associação de Mulheres da Zona Leste
Project: Inform to Form
Objective: To buy equipment to publicize the work and increase the
production of bread, snacks and sweets.
Location: São Paulo - SP
Amount: R$ 3.850,00


Organization: Fuxicarte Socio-Economic Group
Project: Making Fashion
Objective: To finish building the shed where the clothes are made and the store.
Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Amount: R$ 4,000.00

Organization: Roda de Água Women's Collective
Project: Women of the Countryside
Objective: to improve training in handicrafts made from natural materials such as taquara in order to increase production and income
Location: Itaberá - SP
Amount: R$ 3,730.00


Organization: Fio da Alma
Project: Beads and Beading - Developing Sustainability
Objective: To develop costume jewelry handicrafts in order to provide another source of income for a group of sex workers.
Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Amount: R$ 5,000.00


Organization: Associação de Multiplicadoras de Cidadania Flor de Lótus
Project: Multiplicando Saberes
Objective: To train a group of local women in gardening and landscaping, meeting a demand from the community.
Location: Rio Bonito - RJ
Amount: R$ 4,000.00


Organization: Cooperativa de Produção de Tambores das Mulheres Quilombolas do Cafundó
Project: Capoeira Primitiva
Objective: To train a group of women percussionists by holding a workshop to make drums and other utensils used in Capoeira.
Location: Salto de Pirapora - SP
Amount: R$ 4,000.00


Organization: Women and Pasta Group
Project: Women and Pasta
Objective: to improve, expand and publicize the handicraft production already being carried out by the group.
Location: Petrópolis - RJ
Amount: R$ 4,000.00


Organization: CARPE - Pro-Cooperative Women's Group
Project: Local Women's Knowledge and Solidarity Economy
Objective: To purchase a machine and material to expand and publicize the production of cloth handicrafts.
Location: Ribeirão Preto - SP
Amount: R$ 4,650.00


Organization: Kizomba Group - Cultural Resistance
Project: Vinyl Project
Objective: DJ training for young women from the community as a way of increasing the number of women in this profession, breaking down prejudices and providing income.
Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Value: R$ 3,800.00


Organization: COMRJ - Popular Women's Committee of Rio de Janeiro
Project: Building Movements
Objective: To strengthen the committee's economy by encouraging women to take part in activities and training courses, by encouraging women to make handicrafts with the movement's symbol.
Location: Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Amount: R$ 3,600.00