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82nd Public Notice

Year 2007


Ten groups were selected in the 8th Project Competition, held with the support of Mama Cash. The projects received R$5,000.00 each, totaling a social investment of R$50,000. In this edition, the projects are from women's organizations and groups that promote economic independence and access to education.


Organization: LUAS Group
Project: Young Lesbian and Bisexual Women: Getting to Know New Realities
Location: Recife - Pernambuco
Objective: Political empowerment of lesbian and bisexual women. To create an opportunity for women to talk about sexuality, specifically sexual orientation and personal empowerment, and how to experience this whole process without the internalized prejudice faced by society, which in the case of lesbian and bisexual women is greater within families.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Young Feminist Collective
Project: The Impact of the Maria da Penha Law on Young Women in Peripheral Regions
Location: Paulista - Pernambuco
Objective: To carry out qualitative and quantitative research to identify the impact of the Maria da Penha Law on the lives of young women in the Northeast region, precisely in the state of Pernambuco. Through the research, the production of a documentary with an educational and at the same time didactic language to reach school audiences, public authorities, young activists from social movements and society as a whole. As a result, the law will be demystified and discussions on gender violence will be brought closer to the education networks and society in Pernambuco.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Aiyê Hip Hop Network Women's Center
Project: Aiyê Hip Hop Network B-Girl Training Course
Location: Salvador - Bahia
Objective: Hip Hop is a political-cultural space of black origin and predominance, but still marked by greater male participation. In order to change this situation, there is a proposal to hold a training course for B-girls, Street Dance dancers. The course's objectives are closely related to a proposal for women's empowerment, as the work is geared not only towards developing the bodily and artistic expression of the young people involved in the group, but also towards building a worldview that questions the values and gender roles in force in our society.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Organization of black women ATIVAS
Project: Roda Hip Hop das Minas
Location: Contagem - Minas Gerais
Objective: To contribute to the empowerment and emancipation of young women from communities in the metropolitan region. The aim of the conversation circles is to strengthen ties with and between these women, in order to help broaden their perspectives and those of their communities, encouraging the collective development of new understandings of community contexts, as well as the construction of concrete alternatives to the problems faced by women.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Lua Nova Association
Project: Lua Crescente Bakery
Location: Sorocaba and Araçoiaba da Serra - SP
Objective: The project aims to create a space for professional training and qualification to prepare for the job market, as well as offering income generation to young pregnant women or mothers belonging to low-income, vulnerable populations. The project starts with baking techniques and provides for the consolidation of the Lua Crescente brand and, consequently, the training of 10 young people so that they can become multipliers in the process of setting up other creative nuclei.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Dança da Vida
Project: Power Girl - Break Workshop for Women
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
Objective: The project is aimed at women who have a huge interest in practicing the most masculine dance there is: Break Dance. Starting from this very significant point, break classes will be held at the Cidade de Deus Cultural Center. The project encompasses a wider dimension than the body: respect and dignity for women will be discussed, introducing questions about femininity and women's place in a world previously characterized as masculine.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Caixa de Surpresas
Project: Adolescentes um Passo à Frente
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
Objective: The project aims to train 10 young women in filming, photography and editing. In addition, the aim is to create a documentary reporting on the inclusion of this group in the social movement, in order to promote reflection on the target audience reached during the proposed meetings.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: THEMIS - Assessoria Jurídica e Estudos de Gênero
Project: Juventudes e Autonomia: Construindo Alternativas de Geração de Renda
Location: Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul
Objective: Fundamentally, the project aims to transform young people's concepts and practices, which should be guided not by the imposition of conceptions, but rather by provoking questions about their relationship with society. The aim of this project is to establish exchanges with other groups, movements and people who frequent the same spaces, communities, fairs and seminars. And through workshops, multiply this knowledge, which is not closed to the production of objects, but to the production of a specific vision of the world.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Rede de black women do Paraná
Project: Banda Setembrina
Location: Curitiba - Paraná
Objective: Intervention with vulnerable communities in Curitiba. The cultural work aims to help young people in vulnerable situations through the creative process of African sounds and rhythms, providing interaction between young people and their families. Alongside the entertainment, sexual and reproductive health workshops will be held, prioritizing the prevention of STDs.
Amount: R$5,000.00


Organization: Young Feminists of São Paulo
Project: Dialogue on the Rights of Young Women
Location: São Paulo - SP
Objective: The project aims to strengthen women's knowledge of human rights, supporting young women in the process of articulating, presenting and defending their rights.
Amount: R$ 5,000.00