The opening plenary of the 9th GIFE Congress brought together experts in various areas of social studies. Maria Alice Setubal, president of the advisory board of the Tide Setubal Foundation; Átila Roque, executive director of Amnesty International in Brazil; Ricardo Henriques, executive superintendent of the Unibanco Institute, and Oscar Vilhena, director of FGV Direito SP, met to discuss the agenda "The Brazil we have, the Brazil we want. Visions from politics, justice and society on the current situation".

"After 9 congresses, GIFE holds an opening plenary, putting on the table the importance of investing in human rights, talking about an unequal Brazil, the death of young black people at the hands of the police, gender inequality, the important value that democracy has for Brazilian society, the advances that the country has achieved since the 1988 Constitution until today. In different ways, the three commentators on the current situation in Brazil highlighted the importance of investing in social justice. And they also provoked social investors to be bold and take risks, to invest more in civil society organizations than in creating their own initiatives," says Amalia Fischer, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund.

"It is worth mentioning that the three people who spoke are part, from different spaces, of the Brazil Human Rights Fund, as donors, founders and part of the board. The fact of having them at the opening table strengthens the social justice funds, which for almost 16 years have been dialoguing with private social investment", adds Amalia.
The need to recompose relations between public and private interests in the country, creating bridges; the urgency of recognizing racism and violence in Brazil and the importance of institutes and foundations practicing listening, understanding the needs of society, were some of the topics addressed.
"For the ELAS Fund, which has been one of the pioneers in the dialogue between funds for social justice and private social investment, this was an extremely relevant moment, for putting women's rights on the social investment agenda. Not to mention that the moderator of the table, Ricardo Henriques, has driven, within the Unibanco Institute, the creation of two tripartite partnerships on education and racial and gender equity - the latter being with the ELAS Fund, through Elas nas Exatas ", adds Amalia.