O Fundo ELAS tem se movimentado bastante, pelo mundo, em busca de parcerias e de novas redes de contatos com movimentos de mulheres, feministas que estejam em sintonia com nossas propostas e possam somar esforços em nossa ação diária em prol de mais direitos, mais autonomia, mais empoderamento para mulheres e zero violência contra elas.

Kaká Verdade, Executive Coordinator of the Elas Fund, was in Guatemala last May for the Biannual Meeting of the International Network of Women's Funds, with the participation of women's funds from all regions of the world, to take stock of the situation.

At the meeting, the initiative to register and institutionalize ConMujeres - the Collective of Women's Funds - in Latin America emerged, which will be in Chile or Uruguay, in order to open up a space for this regional voice to show the situation of women's rights in Latin America in a more focused way and to enable greater mobilization of resources for women's rights in the region, in recent times, because it is considered to be middle-income, due to the economic growth of some countries in the region, it has stopped receiving contributions from international development cooperation, resulting in an imbalance, as Latin America continues to be one of the regions with the greatest economic inequality on the planet, where the gap between the poor and the rich is immense. It is also the region with the greatest economic inequality in terms of gender, and women are poorer than men among the poor. Opening up a space for this regional voice is a great hope to strengthen and show the world the need to invest in women in Latin America. At the same time, we hope to make progress in the fight for women's rights in the region, which has undoubtedly won some important positions in the last 50 years, but still needs a lot to achieve equity.

Spring Meetings 

The Elas Fund was invited to take part in the latest "Spring Meetings" - held now in May - which take place every year between the Bank's presidency, executive directors and civil society from around the world. In 2015, the Bank is reviewing its internal strategies and rules for granting donations and loans. This review has not been done for almost 30 years and the ELAS Fund was present to contribute an assessment of the World Bank's new gender strategy.

The Fund updated its vision of women in Brazil and made an assessment of the situation regarding women's rights and democracy in the country. Representing the Elas Fund was Kaká Verdade, Executive Coordinator.

The ELAS Fund also advocated for women activists from around the world, especially from the global south, with the demand that the World Bank adopt rules to ensure that women and LGBT people are not discriminated against in its loans.