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Amalia Fischer, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund, was with our partner Graciela Hopstein on December 2 at the meeting of the Rio Citizen Innovation Lab to present the ELAS Fund and the Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, which the ELAS Fund is part of.

Citizen innovation labs (LABICs) are spaces created to systematize, develop, prototype, support and accelerate projects that solve problems and challenges with collaborative technologies (social, digital, ancestral) through the involvement of the community itself or beneficiaries of the proposed actions and partners.
The Rio Citizen Innovation Lab is a UFRJ extension program run by the Digital Culture Hub of the UFRJ School of Communication, Front, Mídia Ninja and Território Inventivo, and is based on collective intelligence, learning by doing and sustainable solutions. 
Participating in LABIC Rio are representatives of 10 projects in areas such as media and diversity, technologies, networks and platforms, emerging ecomomies, etc., which are being developed with the ongoing support of mentors, teachers, entrepreneurs, students, experts and guest makers from different fields, such as Amalia Fischer and Graciela Hopstein.