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The month of March marked the first meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Area of the IWFN (International Women's Fund Network) and ConMujeres (Consortium of Women's Funds in Latin America and the Caribbean) in Brazil. The meeting, held in Teresópolis, allowed for the exchange of information and synergy between the members of all the Women's Funds working in the region, as well as the analysis of the LBT project and the development of new actions focusing on sport, young women and domestic workers.

The meeting, which was part of the calendar of the International Network of Women's Funds, was also attended by funders such as Hivos, Mamacash and Astraea. Other regional funds, such as the Latin American Urgent Action Fund, Women Win and the International Indigenous Women's Forum, also took part in the meeting.
"One of the highlights of the meeting was that it allowed us to develop new joint regional actions, as has been happening with the LBT project. This not only strengthens the work of the Latin American Funds of the Network and ConMujeres, but also adds value to each one nationally," says ELAS general coordinator Madalena Guilhon.