Call for Professional Selection - Resource Development and Mobilization Analyst

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ELAS+ Giving for change is a non-profit civil society organization that aims to promote the action and creative solutions of women, trans and non-binary people for social change, gender equity, peace and justice to advance women's rights, and consequently, all people in Brazil.

ELAS+ is an independent and autonomous entity, whose operation consists of fundraising & grantmaking. Our mission is to promote and strengthen the Leadership of women, trans and non-binary people by mobilizing and investing resources in their initiatives. We guide our practice by values such as passion for the cause of women, respect for singularity, subjectivity and multiplicity, bonds of trust, citizen donation and transparency.

Based in Rio de Janeiro and with over 21 years of experience, ELAS+ mobilizes resources from diverse sources, in Brazil and abroad, and through calls for proposals, we financially and technically support organizations and informal groups led by women, trans and non-binary people, throughout Brazil.

We invest in projects targeting the following thematic areas or programs:

  • Preventing violence against women, trans and non-binary people;
  • Promoting economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and the end of poverty for women, trans and non-binary people;
  • Expanding access to women's sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  • Expanding access to culture, communication, art and sports;
  • Promoting ethnic and racial equity;
  • Promoting a fair and sustainable environment.


Vacancy: Resource Mobilization and Development Analyst


  1. Contribute to the preparation of the annual resource mobilization plan, including the definition of fundraising targets and strategies.
  2. Map national and international funding opportunities, such as calls for proposals, calls for proposals and awards, in order to identify sources of funding for the organization.
  3. Conduct data collection and research in the area of Social justice philanthropy and private social investment, seeking relevant and up-to-date information on the sector to support fundraising strategies.
  4. Keep the database up to date, recording information on donors, funders and potential partners, ensuring the organization and easy consultation of this information.
  5. Organize and/or attend meetings with donors/funders, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, presenting proposals and discussing partnership possibilities.
  6. Prepare proposals and presentations for potential funders, highlighting the objectives, activities and impact of the organization's projects in order to attract their interest and financial support.
  7. Lead the relationship with funders, being responsible for maintaining constant communication, providing information and reports on the progress of funded projects.
  8. Demonstrate commitment to the mission of ELAS+ Giving for change and the duties of the position by working in a dedicated manner to achieve the organization's goals.
  9. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the mobilization area assistants, providing guidance, feedback and necessary support to ensure the efficiency and quality of the work carried out by the team.
  10. Report directly to the Coordination of ELAS+ and the Area Manager, keeping them informed about the activities, results and challenges of the resource mobilization area.

Interested candidates should have 2 years previous experience in the field of resource mobilization, communication, organizational and leadership skills, and a strong commitment to the organization's mission.

Residency in São Paulo, capital, is a requirement to meet local demands and establish relationships with partners in the region.


  • Higher level;
  • More than 2 years' experience in the role;
  • Experience of project development, proposals and relationships with funders;
  • Proficiency in English;
  • Mastery of microcomputing (Microsoft Office and specific programs for the sector)...;
  • Ability to live with diversity;
  • Ability and willingness to impart knowledge;
  • Relationship and teamwork skills;
  • Availability for travel;
  • Professional ethics, with emphasis on accountability ownership;
  • Ensure the integrity of institutional information by ensuring that information is secure and accessible only to authorized persons;
  • Ensure transparency and effectiveness of the actions developed by the institution and maintain the trust of the partnerships established;
  • Commitment to the confidentiality and integrity of institutional information, ensuring that data is not disclosed for personal use and/or to third parties;
  • Empathy;
  • Proactivity;
  • Own wording;
  • Sense of justice;



  • Full university degree in International Relations, Marketing or related areas;
  • Live in São Paulo Capital.


Registration: Interested persons must register by 11:59 p.m. on July 12, 2023, through the link:

Stages of the selection process:

  • Analysis of the curriculum;
  • Up to 3 (three) online interviews with Operations, Area Manager and Management.


Other information:

  • Form of employment: CLT;
  • Number of vacancies: 1;
  • Expected start of contract: August 2023;
  • Way of working: remote;
  • Starting salary: R$8,000.00 (eight thousand reais) Gross + benefits (VR and Cost Aid for Internet and electricity expenses)

There is the possibility of travel to events and meetings.

We encourage applications from black women, LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and/or Non-binary women and men), indigenous people and people with disabilities.