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ELAS+ is a non-profit civil society organization that aims to promote the action and creative solutions of women, trans and non-binary people for social change, gender equity, peace and justice to advance the rights of women, and consequently, of all people in Brazil. ELAS+ is an independent and autonomous entity whose operations consist of fundraising and grantmaking. Our mission is to promote and strengthen the Leadership of women, trans and non-binary people by mobilizing and investing resources in their initiatives. Our practice is guided by values such as passion for the cause of women, respect for singularity, subjectivity and multiplicity, bonds of trust, citizen giving and transparency. Based in Rio de Janeiro and with over 21 years' experience, ELAS+ mobilizes resources from a variety of sources, in Brazil and abroad, and through calls for proposals, we provide financial and technical support to organizations and informal groups led by women, trans and non-binary people throughout Brazil. We invest in projects focused on the following thematic areas or programs:
  • Preventing violence against women, trans and non-binary people;
  • Promoting economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and the end of poverty for women, trans and non-binary people;
  • Expanding access to women's sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  • Expanding access to culture, communication, art and sports;
  • Promoting ethnic and racial equity;
  • Promoting a fair and sustainable environment.
Vacancy:  Human Resources Assistant Duties:
  • Assisting in drawing up and implementing the human resources management plan;
  • Helping to implement and adhere to internal policies and protocols;
  • Assisting with recruitment and selection processes;
  • Assisting in admission and dismissal processes;
  • Assisting in drawing up and supervising contracts for employees and service providers;
  • Building and updating the organization's talent pool;
  • Helping to control vacations, absences and the team's time bank;
  • Assisting with the team's payment processes;
  • Assisting in the development of career plans, job structuring and talent retention policies;
  • With the help of the administrative sector: scheduling admission, dismissal and periodic exams; controlling and recharging the credits on the transport voucher cards; updating the Occupational Health Medical Control Program;
  • Assisting with general administrative routines;
  • Assisting in the preparation and implementation of team performance appraisals;
  • Commitment to the mission of ELAS+ and to the duties of the position;
  • Reporting directly to the Operations Manager  
  • Experience