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ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social (ELAS Fund) is a non-profit civil society organization that aims to promote action and creative solutions by women, trans and non-binary people for social change, gender equity, peace and justice to advance the rights of women, trans and non-binary people in Brazil.

ELAS is an independent and autonomous entity, whose operation consists of fundraising & grantmaking. Our mission is to promote and strengthen the Leadership of women, trans and non-binary people by mobilizing and investing resources in their initiatives. We guide our practice by values such as passion for the cause of women, respect for singularity, subjectivity and multiplicity, bonds of trust, citizen donation and transparency.

Based in Rio de Janeiro and with more than 20 years of experience, ELAS mobilizes resources from diverse sources, in Brazil and abroad, and through calls for proposals, we financially and technically support organizations and informal groups led by women, trans and non-binary people, throughout Brazil.

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