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"How to Forget" opens on the national movie circuit on October 15th. The movie tells the story of Júlia (Ana Paula Arósio), an English literature teacher who struggles to rebuild her life after an intense and long-lasting love affair with Antônia. In the movie, she meets and relates to other people who are also going through the experience of having asked for something very important in their lives.

For director Malu De Martino, homosexuality is not one of the main focuses of the movie. "This is a movie about loss, in which two of the main characters are homosexuals. In this sense, Brazilian cinema is very far behind. You see stereotyped characters who aren't portrayed as they should be," he says.
Until it reached theaters, How to Forget traveled a long road in search of supporters and sponsors. The first support came from the Secretariat for Women's Policies (SPM), followed by Banco do Brasil and Petrobras. "Brazilian independent cinema is going through a lot of difficulties. I feel that there is still a lot of resistance from brands to adding their products to the GLBT universe. This is a taboo to be broken," says Malu.
The film has already been shown in closed sessions in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro and is also part of the Rio Film Festival program. "How to Forget brings the GLBT universe into the mainstream. It has a whole adult human problem without being pamphleteering and that's what's really pleasing", he concludes.

Program at the Rio International Film Festival:

October 01, Friday, at the Rio Festival Pavilion (Centro Cultural da Ação da Cidadania)

Rua Barão de Tefé 75 - Port Zone
3pm - popular session, followed by debate

October 02, Saturday, at Estação Vivo Gávea 3 (Shopping da Gávea)
17:50 - popular vote at the Festival
22h10 - also worth a vote