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We can also say: "we all win" or "you win-we win", in the most perfect translation for the meaning of the title, in English Win-Win, given to the meeting organized by the Ministry of International Cooperation and Trade of the Netherlands, Mama Cash and the Association for Women's Rights and Development (AWID), between 13 and 15 January 2015, in Amsterdam.

"Building New Partnerships and Fostering Commitment to Women's Empowerment" was the meeting held in Amsterdam from January 13 to 15, 2015. Present were companies, organizations, networks and women's funds, as well as the so-called bridgebuilders, who play the role of interceding in relations between institutions, movements, organizations or funds with companies or corporations.

The event was attended by Avon-Brazil, Banorte-Mexico, Levis Strauss Foundation, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Global Women Leadership Institute of the Wilson Center, African Women Development Fund, International Network of Women's Funds, Semillas Fund-Mexico, Elas- Social Investment Fund-Brazil, Global Fund for Women, Mama Cash, South Asian Women's Fund, Womanity, AWID, Breakthrough, Catapult, ICRW, IPAS, Kearing Foundation, Milliken Strategy & Communications, Oak Foundation, Spring Strategies, WE Connect International ,Witter Ventures.

The meetings on the 13th and 15th were aimed at dialogues between organizations, women's funds and women's organizations. buildbridgers  on the best way to build alliances with corporations and companies, respecting women's rights and ensuring that, in the relationship established, companies and institutions do not lose their identity, autonomy and, much less, their ethical values. In other words, all parties involved are winners.

Day 14 was dedicated exclusively to the dialogue between corporations and feminist institutions present at the event.

The mediation was carried out by Dina DublonHe is a former vice-chairman of JP Morgan and currently serves on the boards of Microsoft, PepsiCo, Accenture and Deutsche Bank.

The sitting was opened by Ms. Lilliane PloumenMinister for International Cooperation and Trade