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On March 22, the traditional Nísia Floresta Medal of Honor was awarded to six women at the Solar Bela Vista by the Municipal Council for Women's Rights (CMDM). The medal is the merit of women who have played an important role in the fight for women's rights in Natal. And in this very important role in our society we have the general coordinator of the Grupo Afirmativo de Mulheres Independentes do RN (GAMI), which has received support from the Fund over the ten years of its existence. 

 The six women honored were:
 State deputy Gesane Marinho
 The first Municipal Secretary for Women, Rose de Sousa
 The president of the alternative transportation cooperative, Maria Edileuza de Queiroz
 BEMFAM coordinator and member of the Municipal Council for Women's Rights (CMDM), Sandra Pereira Nunes Lopes
 Maria Goretti Gomes, co-director of the Affirmative Group of Independent Women of RN (GAMI) and state coordinator of the RN Women's Forum and also a member of the CMDM
 And filmmaker Jussara Queiroz.
"It was recognition for ten years of transforming the lives of women in Rio Grande do Norte. It was a historic moment for me, as for the first time a black lesbian from the periphery represents a Potiguar society. To ELAS' knowledge, this achievement was made possible with the support of the Fund, which gave us the opportunity to develop our actions and strengthen our organization. We are very grateful for everything that the ELAS Social Fund has given us, not forgetting the support it gave us at all times to publicize the event," said Maria Goretti Gomes, General Coordinator of GAMI.
Nísia Floresta Medal of Merit
Established by decree 4.071 of March 5, 1990, the Nísia Floresta Medal of Merit is awarded every year and is intended to symbolically honor women for their work or activity on behalf of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.
The medal is recognized as one of the most important events for society and especially for women, as it represents an achievement marked by social struggles and ideals.