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The postgraduate course in Law, Public Policies, Management and Sustainability, offered by the Cândido Mendes University and coordinated by Graciela Hopstein, a partner and collaborator of the ELAS Fund, is now open for enrollment.

The aim of the course is to train, from a multidisciplinary perspective, qualified professionals in the formulation, implementation, management, analysis and intervention in the area of public policies and socio-cultural programs for the development of innovative dynamics, strategies and actions, offering knowledge aligned with the various institutional concerns and socio-cultural demands present in the Brazilian scenario.  
The course is aimed at professionals from various fields, managers, technicians and leaders working in government organizations (at various levels and levels), civil society and the third sector - foundations, institutes, NGOs, civil associations, cooperatives, independent funds, funding agencies, etc. - movements and companies interested in updating and acquiring knowledge in the field of public policy management and/or socio-cultural initiatives in various areas.  
The 360-hour course will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:30pm to 9:40pm, at the Cândido Mendes Law School (Rua da Assembleia, in the center of Rio de Janeiro).
Amalia Fischer, KK Verdade and Renata Saavedra, from the ELAS Fund team, are part of the course's teaching staff, which also includes Ana Toni, Eduardo Val, Henrique Silveira, Adriano Belisário, Ruth Espinola de Mello, among others.