On June 24 and 25, the meeting "Dialogues on Domestic Work" brought together representatives from THEMIS, UN Women, the ELAS Fund, the National Confederation of Workers in Commerce and Services (Contracs), CUT/RS, FENATRAD, eight unions affiliated to FENATRAD, the human rights organization Terra de Direitos, among other organizations.

The aim of the meeting was to promote debate on Complementary Law 150/2015, which governs domestic work contracts, as well as to assess the impact of the projects carried out by the unions supported by the 17th ELAS Social Investment Fund competition in partnership with the UN. Through the projects, the unions received support to hold workshops, tickets for coordination meetings, purchase equipment, human resources, renovations, publicity materials, among other things.

The trade unionists pointed to major advances in the participation of the unions in national efforts to regulate the new legislation. Some of the positive impacts mentioned were the increase in the number of members, the greater regularity in the services provided by the unions, access to equipment and means of communication, participation in important national meetings and the empowerment of women workers.