The documentary "Via Panam", which was recorded during a trip through the Latin American continent between 2015 and 2016, deals with the issue of gender equality in the region. It features interviews with scholars from different countries and women who share their experiences.
The film arose from a project by journalist Isabella Bono, who decided to combine her passion for travel and her interest in gender issues in order to complete her graduation work at the University of São Paulo. The trip began in February 2015 in the south of Chile and continued to Peru and Colombia. Recordings were also made in Brazil and with Bolivian immigrants.
The documentary features interviews with scholars, activists, members of public institutions, among others, who deal with the situation of women in the most diverse areas: family, participation in the history of the continent, politics, violence, sexuality, etc.
In addition, the film presents personal experiences of women who illustrate in their stories how gender inequality affects the quality of life of Latin American women. These testimonies make the gender issue much more tangible and closer to the reality of the people watching the video.
Via Panam" aims to sensitize society to the importance of studying and debating how gender inequality affects our development as a society.