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About 5.5 million reais will be donated to strengthen organizations working to combat racism in Brazil, especially against racial violence.

The Black Women Alliance Pelo Fim da Violência, a partnership between ELAS+ and the Ford Foundation, started in 2021, with direct support to 78 groups and organizations with leadership of black women and black trans women, located in all regions of the country. More than 1 million reais were invested in actions to be carried out by the supported women's groups and organizations until August 2022.

For the expansion of Black Women Alliance, the Ford Foundation and ELAS+ make public the Public Notice Black Women Alliance Pelo Fim da Violência that will donate about 5 and a half million reais in order to strengthen civil society organizations that work to confront racism in Brazil, especially against racial violence. 

The Call for Proposals Black Women Alliance Pelo Fim da Violência will support collective advocacy on: institutional racism, genocide of the black population, violence against black women and production of anti-racial violence communication. In addition, it aims to strengthen Leadership, activism and initiatives led or coordinated by black women and/or black trans people, even if they work in mixed organizations (with black men and black women).

The notice provides for direct donation of resources to organizations and/or networks; institutional strengthening through online workshops; political articulation with social movements and black movements, through dialogues; and international exchange with anti-racist movements.  

Formal and informal groups, networks or organizations that work to combat racism can apply for the call. Fifteen projects will be supported and each of them will receive up to R$365,000.00, donated in three installments every 9 months. The full notice is available at