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 The "Elas em movimento" program, which stimulates the entrepreneurial profile of women living in pacified communities, has news. In Jardim Batan, Saborearte has a new home. In Cidade de Deus, Bolhas Coloridas is launching a new product line. In Borel, Celebrando is expanding its party services. And in Providência, Favela Point is celebrating its first pagode.

After celebrating its first anniversary, Saborearte is now in a new space. The aim of the move was to expand its operations and the food services it offers. At Bolhas Coloridas, the focus is on new production lines with different aromas and colors. "We have new items created specifically for baby showers," says ELAS entrepreneurship manager Eliane Custódio. 

At Celebrando Festas e Cia, themed celebrations are the highlight. Last weekend, for example, the group organized a bar-themed event. And Favela Point is planning its first pagode with the aim of getting the community moving. "Little by little, the groups are innovating in terms of products and services, as they see new opportunities in the communities where they operate," says Eliane.