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A Welighta startup partner of the ELAS Fund, is promoting the Women, Technology and Social Transformation Panel, which debates Leadership women in technology and their importance in social transformation. The panel brings together inspiring female entrepreneurs and activists who are at the forefront of initiatives that use technology to solve social and environmental challenges, democratize knowledge and amplify the voice of minorities. Vanessa Lucena, development manager of the ELAS Fund, was at the opening of the panel presenting ELAS in the Exact Sciences, a partnership between the ELAS Fund, the Unibanco Institute, the Carlos Chagas Foundation and UN Women that aims to bring girls closer to the exact sciences and technologies. 
The event took place at Unibes Cultural in São Paulo and was broadcast live on Welight's Facebook page: The panel included Rita Wu, presenter of Vice's Remake series, Ana Carolina da Hora from PretaLab, Camila Achutti, partner at Mastertech, Diana Mendes from black women Decidem and Joyce Lemos from Welight. 
For Joyce Lemos, community manager and partner at Welight, "the participants will present technologies that show us how to be part of the change we want to see: from the platform that supports the representation of black women in politics, through maker culture, to solutions for more conscious consumption."
The event also marked the launch of the Welight app to the public. Using blockchain technology, the app directs part of the value of purchases made in more than 1,000 stores and airlines to the ELAS Fund and 29 other partner NGOs, without changing the value of the product. In the app you can also save money with discount coupons and compare prices. Go there and get involved:
"The launch of the app reflects the current trend towards more conscious consumers, who are concerned about the impact of their consumption on the planet and society. And for them we offer a simple, cost-free way to support social and environmental projects from their online purchases," says Antonia Canto, founding partner of Welight and creator of the event.
The panel was part of Virada Sustentável São Paulo, which takes place from August 23 to 26 and will feature panels, debates and cultural attractions as tools for education and social mobilization on the subject of sustainability in all its forms.