From July 28 to 30, ELAS's technical team, board members and coordinators met in Teresópolis to carry out strategic planning with the aim of aligning the organization's goals and actions until 2014. The work was supported by the Center for Strategies for Social Organizations (CEOS), through its president Rebecca Raposo.

"Holding this training was very good, as it allowed the group to integrate and also to outline strategies for action," says administrator Ana Lídia Hespanhol.

Among other aspects, the work covered topics such as sustainability in the Third Sector, understanding the organization's audiences and an analysis of the Fund's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

"The planning has allowed the areas to be more aligned and for everyone to get to know the team members' routines more closely," comments the General Coordinator, Madalena Guilhon.

For project manager Cidinha da Silva, the methodology used made it possible to learn and align activities.

"My participation in ELAS is very recent, but it seems to me that the organization is disciplined about meeting targets. So the strategic planning will act as a compass for the actions and objectives of the next three years," says Cidinha da Silva.

Other points addressed during the strategic planning were the construction of the organization's vision for the coming years and the drafting of a matrix for funders.

"With this action, several points become clearer, as well as defining directions and guidelines for achieving our goals," comments the Coordination assistant, Benita Oliveira.

The opinion is also shared by the Development and Resources advisor, Elisângela Batista. She believes that the work will help decision-making and the development of new strategies.

"When we know our goals, the path becomes easier," concludes Elisângela Batista.