The Somos Rosas Lindas Group, located in the community of Rosalina in Fortaleza (CE), is going strong. First came the financial support of ELAS, through the 12th project contest supported by the Kellog Foundation. Then it was the organization's turn to have its banner published on a regional portal with a large number of hits.

"We have always received help from many friends and the community, but we had never had a funder. After the support of ELAS, a lot has changed. The women are very excited and the group is being much sought after, in addition to realizing that we can win new partners", comments Fernanda Santos, coordinator of the group.

The organization works on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS with women in the community, in addition to focusing on other issues related to reproductive health, especially with girls and adolescents, whose vulnerability has increased in recent times. To learn more about the group, visit

"We are in a humble community, so the more help we get is better, because we will have benefits not only for the group, since it passes on the knowledge to other women", concludes Fernanda.