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On May 4, the first audiovisual creation and production workshop that the Empoderadas project will hold with students from the Quintiliano José Sitrangulo State School in Vila Carmosina, São Paulo, took place. After holding a series of debates with black women in March, the Empoderadas began the new phase of their project with a lesson on the history of world and Brazilian cinema from a gender and ethnic perspective.
"Our first meeting focused on the history of classic North American and Brazilian cinema with an ethnic and gender slant. Among the names of the various black filmmakers were: Adélia Sampaio, Cristina Amaral, Eliciana Nascimento, Michele Andrews, Carolina Rodrigues, among many others... Throughout the meeting we screened excerpts from documentaries by filmmakers Lilian Santiago, Larissa Fulana de Tal and Luara Monteiro. The first meeting was led by filmmaker Renata Martins. At each new meeting, a black audiovisual professional will be responsible for weaving another thread into this strengthening quilt," says Maitê Freitas, one of those responsible for the project.
The Empoderadas project reached the students of the Quintiliano José Sitrangulo State School with the support of ELAS nas Exatas, the ELAS Fund's unprecedented partnership with the Unibanco Institute and the Carlos Chagas Foundation launched to help reduce the impact of gender inequalities on students' career choices and access to higher education. Check out all 10 projects supported by ELAS in the Exact Sciences.
The aim of Empoderadas is to develop webseries with the students with stories of black women 's life in science, as well as showing videos and promoting discussions to encourage debate on the importance of black women 's participation in science.
"It's time to question the stories we've been told, expand our repertoire and create new images and narratives," says Maitê.
(Photos: Karina Galdino)