The enterprises of the "ELAS em movimento" program in Cidade de Deus and Jardim Batam are going from strength to strength. The entrepreneurs at Bolhas Coloridas, in Cidade de Deus, are increasingly busy. For Valentine's Day alone, they received an order for 1,500 soaps from a single customer, in addition to other orders. As a result, they worked from Sunday to Sunday.

"We work from sun up to sun down, but we're satisfied. We want much more. And we want more orders," said Uliara, one of the members of Bolhas Coloridas.
In Jardim Batan, the partners of the Saborearte restaurant have added another plus to their business. A month ago they started working with electronic invoices, a requirement that doesn't exist in the community in the restaurant business and is a differential that will give them more sales opportunities. 
"We're satisfied with our work. I didn't think I'd have a future, now I'm even dreaming of going to university to study gastronomy," said Jaqueline, one of Saborearte's partners.