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 Madalena Guilhon, Peggy Dulany, Amália Fischer and Cindy Lessa

The meetings in both cities featured speakers and distinguished guests. In São Paulo, after the event was opened by the president of the ELAS Fund, Cindy Lessa, the representative of UN Women Brazil and the Southern Cone, Rebecca Tavares, spoke about the importance of investing in women, paving the way for Peggy Dulany's speech. In Rio de Janeiro, it was up to the current Superintendent of the Ford Foundation in Brazil and former Chief Minister of the Special Secretariat for Women's Policies, Nilcéia Freire, to act as master of ceremonies and to say a few words and emphasize the importance of donating to women and girls who today are recognized as the main agents of transformation in society.

Peggy's words were preceded by the video The Girl Effect, which proposes changing the world by simply helping a girl.
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Nilcéia Freire

Peggy spoke about philanthropy, which means love of humanity, the importance of investing in women and girls and that it is no longer possible to ignore the inequality of opportunity for women in Brazil and the importance of financially supporting projects such as those encouraged by the ELAS Fund. Peggy emphasized: "the importance of supporting the work of the ELAS Fund is due to the fact that the Fund makes exactly the necessary and urgent connection between those who have opportunities and those who need them".

Peggy Dulany was invited to promote, in Brazil, the same movement promoted by sisters Swanee Hunt and LaKelly Helen Hunt in the United States called Women Moving Millions. The Hunt sisters, driven by passion and empathy, started an initiative that has been encouraged since its inception in 2006 in the United States. Through a $10 million donation, they wanted to encourage others in civil society to do the same and donate resources to foundations and organizations for women and girls.

Peggy Dulany, Amália