The week commemorating International Women's Day brought the launch of ELAS - Social Investment Fund, the new name for the Angela Borba Fund. The occasion was marked by a lot of conversation between women, the launch of an award and the presentation of the Angelitas 2009.

ELAS is the only Brazilian fund focused exclusively on promoting women's Leadership . When you invest in them, the lives of their children and the people around them are transformed, generating direct results in communities, cities, states and, ultimately, in Brazil.

During the launch of the Fund, the talk show "They talk about today's women" was held, which addressed the various facets of today's female world, brought interesting stories and a lot of sharing of experiences.

Participants included communications consultant Nádia Rebouças, poet Elisa Lucinda, professor and editor Heloísa Buarque de Hollanda, journalist and writer Eliane Brum, Rede Beleza Natural partner Leila Velez, and the coordinator of the Femea Group at the São João de Meriti House of Culture, Leila Regina Soares.

The date also marked the launch of the Angelita Fashion Campaign 2009. This year, Angelita, a very feminine little pig, was given creativity and talent by Miguel Paiva, Paulo Barros, Romero Britto, Christina Oiticica, Daniel Azulay, Alessandro Jordão and Kiko Sobrino, Carlos Araujo, Cristiane Rodrigues, David Dalmau, Eduardo Ventura, Gabriel Nehemy and Gustavo Rosa.

This is the first time that Angelita has been supported by Brazilian artists. After the launch in Botafogo, the various versions of the character will be exhibited at the Central do Brasil train station, where they can be visited. From there, they will go on tour in exhibitions around Rio de Janeiro until May.

"We're betting that with the arrival of ELAS, which brings our experience of more than seven years in investing in women and girls, we'll have more opportunities for our cause," says general coordinator Madalena Guilhon.