Between July 12 and 17, around 100 national and international short and feature films of all genres will be shown in competitive and special screenings, as well as tributes to director Helena Solberg and a gender training workshop for audiovisual professionals.
Femina (International Women's Film Festival) was created with the aim of highlighting the work of women on the Brazilian and world film and cultural scene, encouraging the emergence of new directors and the production of films directed by women, as well as promoting gender equality.
Training workshop to raise awareness of gender issues and women's empowerment for audiovisual professionals and students
Through the workshop, Femina aims to contribute to the gradual change in the stereotyped and pejorative representation of women in cinema, the media, art and culture. The goal is to train professionals in these areas to deal with gender issues and promote equality and empowerment for women in their fields of work.

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