The first call for proposals for the Building Movements - Contemporary Feminisms program has already been a great success: we received 645 projects from all states of the country, diverse and innovative proposals that show how women are mobilizing for their rights from the north to the south of Brazil, resisting and articulating.

"We were surprised by the quantity and quality of the projects received for this call, which shows that the theme of the call was the right one and responds directly to the needs of the women's movement in Brazil, which is facing a crisis of rights and democracy. At least 10% of the proposals received are excellent projects that respond to real, urgent and strategic needs in different parts of the country or specific audiences," says KK Verdade, executive coordinator of the ELAS Fund.
"The women's movements presented proposals aimed at building and broadening alliances with other sectors of the social movements, such as the struggles waged by women in the countryside and in the city, by women from favelas, terreiros, indigenous villages, quilombos, on the streets and on the internet, in dialogue with the struggle for LGBT rights, the rights of domestic workers, the right to the city, etc. And in partnership with the UK and several Latin American countries, with which we share a context of loss of rights," says KK Verdade.
The selected projects will receive at least R$350,000 in donations. In addition, resources are being invested in the Dialogues and in monitoring the initiatives, making a total investment of more than R$1 million in strengthening the women's movement. 
The Building Movements - Contemporary Feminisms call for proposals is the result of a great alliance in defense of women's rights between the British Council, UN Women, Open Society Foundations, OAK Foundation, Global Fund for Women and ELAS Fund, which are working together to strengthen the women's movement, contributing to the advancement of democracy and rights and to the exchange of experiences between women's movements in Brazil and other countries in the Latin American region, as well as with the United Kingdom.
In addition to the 13 projects planned, we managed to fund a 14th project with resources from an ELAS Fund partner.
"We continue to mobilize partners and resources for the Building Movements - Contemporary Feminisms program. This call for proposals is the first step in a medium-term program that we intend to expand for women's rights in Brazil and Latin America," concludes KK Verdade.
Check out the list of selected projects:
Decent Work and Equal Rights: strengthening the collective of women domestic workers to make Law 150/2015 effective
Organization: Nova Iguaçu Domestic Workers Union and Volta Redonda Domestic Workers Union
Performance: RJ (in partnership with UK)
Donation: R$25,000.00
Projeto vai realizar formação política feminista: capacitar líderes do movimento das trabalhadoras domésticas para que possam fortalecer e capacitar sua base, articular campanhas pela defesa de seus direitos trabalhistas e sociais de maneira autônoma, com semi