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FRIDA - The Feminist Youth Fund has just launched its fifth call for proposals to support 30 new feminist youth groups, led by women and trans youth, up to the age of 30. Applications will be received until November 10, 2016.

Groups founded in the last 6 years by women or trans young people (under 30) who are committed to advancing and defending women's rights from a feminist perspective and improving the lives of women and trans young people at local, national, regional and international level can apply.
Priority will be given to: small, emerging and grassroots groups, networks or collectives with little or no access to funding from large institutions; groups, networks or collectives that are starting out or already working on issues, without ever having received previous funding; groups, networks or collectives located in remote or underserved areas; or formed and working with socially discriminated young women, in particular: refugees, minorities and 
or groups discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or caste, women in rural areas, women in impoverished urban areas, lesbian and bisexual women, transgender women, sex workers, women living in armed conflicts and post-conflict zones.
FRIDA grants up to $5,000 US dollars. These are flexible grants that can be used for general support and/or projects to be carried out over 12-month periods and are subject to renewal. Each applicant group can submit only one proposal for this funding cycle. The grants will be awarded to the groups in February 2017.

FRIDA | Feminist Youth Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting feminist youth activism globally to advance social justice movements and agendas. Since 2012, it has supported 109 feminist youth groups in the world. 
67 countries around the world, granting a total of 713,214.00 dollars in direct support.FRIDA emphasizes feminist principles that include: non-hierarchy, collectivity, participation, diversity, and inclusion.