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The ELAS Fund congratulates Costa Rican economist Epsy Campbell, 54, who last Sunday, April 1, became the first black woman to become vice-president of a country in continental Latin America. 

"This election result in Costa Rica is an example for all the countries on the continent. Not even Canada or the United States have had a black feminist vice-president. We salute Epsy Campbell for her victory and hope she inspires other black leaders," says Amalia Fischer, general coordinator and co-founder of the ELAS Fund.
The economist was elected on the ticket of Carlos Alvarado, from the Partido de Acción Ciudadana. Carlos and Epsy raised the flags of human rights and the secular state. Among the proposals put forward in the campaign, they defended the right of homosexuals to marry, something that is not provided for by law in Costa Rica.
Epsy Campbell has a degree in Economics and Business Administration, as well as a specialization and master's degree in Political Science from the University of Costa Rica. She has dedicated herself to the defense of women's rights, social development and fiscal policy.