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The ELAS Fund, which since its creation has supported projects by women's groups aimed at ending violence against women, is taking part in the campaign in partnership with the Avon Institute, which is launching a national campaign to end violence against women. 

Since 1991, the UN has called on the whole world to discuss issues related to violence against women through an annual global campaign. It is the 16 Days of Activism campaign, which begins on November 25, the International Day for Combating Violence Against Women, and ends on December 10, Human Rights Day.
In Brazil, however, the 16 days have been extended to 21 days of activism: to highlight the double discrimination experienced by black women, the activities begin earlier, on November 20, Black Awareness Day.
This year, the Avon Institute's challenge is to make tackling violence against women a habit and, to this end, it proposes mobilizing society as a whole to recognize invisible violence through reflection and dialogue. "The more 'invisible' the violence, the harder it is to identify and the more damaging and profound the damage it causes. That's why we can't start from the premise that just pointing out the mistake is enough to bring about a change in behavior. We need people to take the lead and start recognizing that there is a problem that belongs to all of us and can only be tackled by changing attitudes," says Mafoane Odara.
During this period, more than 100 actions are scheduled throughout Brazil to get more people involved in the cause. The Avon Institute is also promoting the 4th edition of the Speak Without Fear Forum in São Paulo, at Masp, on December 7, to stimulate open discussion on the issues surrounding the fight against violence against women.  
grantees by the ELAS Fund are also taking part in the campaign
The ELAS Fund is a partner of the Avon Institute in the campaign and will also propose reflection on the culture of violence against women on its social media. In addition, the 33 grantees by the ELAS Fund and the Avon Institute in 2016 are promoting a joint agenda with activities aimed at discussing, informing and raising awareness among women and men about violence against women, as well as mobilizing everyone to confront it. 
Talks, urban interventions, publication launches, shows, seminars and public acts are all part of the joint program, which is spread all over the country. Check it out here.