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The ELAS Fund launched on December 20, 2017 the LBT Call for Proposals: Autonomy, Leadership and Rights, which aims to support LGBT citizenship and strengthen resistance against the regression of rights. The call will fund 10 projects by lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) activists. Each project will receive R$30,000 (thirty thousand reais).

Living in Brazil is very risky for the LGBT population, especially when sexual orientation and gender identity intersect with other factors such as race and class. 2017 broke records for violence against LGBT people, and most of these crimes do not reach the media or are widely debated, remaining invisible and often unpunished.
In addition, we observe today a conservative wave that spreads intolerance and hate speech against the LGBT population and that has been growing in the streets and on social media. We also know that lesbian, bisexual and trans groups face problems such as lack of structure, resources, intergenerational dialogue, autonomous spaces for political training, etc.
"We believe that investing in women is the fastest way to develop a country and it is also a matter of social justice: historically, due to gender inequality, women have had less access to resources, even in the LGBT movement. We want to strengthen LGBT citizenship and resistance against the regression of rights in Brazil, and our strategy is to bet on Leadership LBT", says KK Verdade, executive coordinator of the ELAS Fund.
In January 2018, the ELAS Fund will also launch the #TeiaPorDireitosLGBT campaign, which aims to build a network of supporters of the cause. The goal is to mobilize donors to expand the LBT: Autonomy, Leadership and Rights program, strengthening the fight to end violence and for the visibility of lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.
The LBT Call for Projects: Autonomy, Leadership and Rights receives project applications until January 31, 2018.
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