From March 30 to April 1, the 9th GIFE Congress will take place in São Paulo, Brazil's main meeting on social investment, held every two years since 2000. The event brings together the main leaders of social investors in the country, as well as leaders of civil society organizations, academics, consultants and government representatives, providing a space for learning, networking and exchanging experiences.
The main theme of the 9th edition will be the public meaning of private social investment, problematizing contemporary relations between public and private based on the work of institutes, foundations and companies involved in the field of social investment. The event will take place at Fecomercio and will bring together around 1,500 people.
"GIFE defines private social investment as the voluntary contribution of private resources to actions in the public interest. The public-private relationship is therefore at the heart of the work of these organizations. By defining the theme of the GIFE Congress as The public sense of private social investment, we seek to affirm the importance of the public nature of this work, particularly at a time when many corporate institutes and foundations are moving closer to their sponsoring companies in redefining their investment strategies," says Andre Degenszajn, GIFE's general secretary.
For Andre, the discussion is especially timely in the current Brazilian political context: "This reflection on social investment is not separate from the discussions that are going on at the moment in Brazil, marked by tension in public-private relations. Part of the solution to the crisis in which we are immersed is to review these relationships."

ELAS Fund panel discusses gender and race equity in education
In addition to the official program, with access restricted to those who pay for registration, there are open activities. One of them is the Gender and Race Equity in Education Panel, which will discuss how the partnership between private social investment, academia and independent funds can contribute to meeting the challenge of gender and race equity in education. Participants will include Ricardo Henriques, executive superintendent of the Unibanco Institute, Amalia Fischer, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund, Bernadete Gatti, from the Carlos Chagas Foundation, Hélio Santos, from the Baobá Fund and Valter Silvério, from the Federal University of São Carlos. It will take place on April 1st at 3pm. Registration here.
“O Congresso GIFE é muito importante para todos que atuamos no investimento social e na filantropia de justiça social. O GIFE tem sido um importante e grande parceiro do Fundo ELAS desde 2002, se interessando sempre na inclusão da diversidade e, nos últimos 8 anos especificamente, na equidade de gênero”, diz Amalia. “Nós já fizemos um seminário sobre investimento social e equidade de gênero em parceria com o GIFE e com Instituto Avon, Fundação Ford, I