Part of the ELAS Fund team is in Montevideo for the 14th Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Meetingwhich will bring together 2,200 activists from across the region, providing a great space for discussion between the various expressions of the feminist movement in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With the theme Diverse but not dispersed, the main aim of the 14th EFLAC is to help strengthen democracy in Latin America by incorporating women's human rights into the agenda of states and societies. There are three days of intense programming(check out the full programhere).
Amalia Fischer, co-founder and general coordinator, KK Verdade, executive coordinator, and Savana Brito, program manager, represented the ELAS Fund at the meeting. "All women's funds that are in Latin America or that support the women's movement in the region have to go to the Feminist Meetings, because it's the space where you hear what's happening with women's organizations and collectives, you hear about the contexts in the different countries, about the situation of the various movements that are within the feminist movement," says Amalia Fischer.
The Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encounters were born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1981. Amalia Fischer was at that first edition - and at 13 of the 14 meetings that have already taken place - and tells us a little about the experience in the video below.
The ELAS Fund also supports the participation of women's groups in EFLAC, through the call for proposals Building Movements - Contemporary Feminisms. The Brazilian Lesbian Articulation (ABL) is participating in EFLAC with this support, developing a project aimed at training new political leaders, enabling Brazilian lesbian activists to occupy spaces and articulate with women from other countries. After EFLAC, the representatives will take part in meetings to multiply and internalize the debates, creating regional ABL nuclei in the Federal District, Pará and Rio de Janeiro.
The National Network of Anti-Prohibitionist Feminists (RENFA) also took its Latin American and Caribbean Web of Anti-Prohibitionist Feminists to Montevideo. As well as taking part in the meeting, on November 21 RENFA held a meeting that brought together women from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, who discussed the role and perspective of women in drug policy reform.
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