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Last week the ELAS Fund team was visited by activists and representatives of women's funds from Europe and Asia.

On Thursday, September 15, members of the Women's Fund in Georgia and the Mongolian Women's Fund came to the ELAS Fund headquarters to talk about women's funds and communication, exchanging experiences and strategies. The Georgian Women's Fund has been supporting the women's movement in the Eastern European country since 2005, while the Mongolian Women's Fund has been working to empower women in the country since 2000.

On Friday 16th, we welcomed members from Serbia and Bulgaria who came to see the ELAS Fund and present their work at the head of NVO Atina, an NGO dedicated to fighting trafficking in women and girls, and the Bulgarian Fund for Women.

These were days of important exchanges with partners working for gender equality around the world.

Get to know their work: Women's Fund in Georgia, Mongolian Women's Fund, Bulgarian Fund for Women e NVO Atina.