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The ELAS Social Investment Fund is a non-profit civil society organization whose aim is to promote women's action and creative solutions for social change, gender equity, peace and justice to advance women's rights in Brazil.

It is an independent fundraising & grantmaking entity with the mission of promoting and strengthening women's Leadership by mobilizing and investing resources in their initiatives. Our practice is guided by values such as passion for women's causes, respect for singularity, subjectivity and multiplicity, bonds of trust, citizen donations and transparency.

Based in Rio de Janeiro and with 13 years of experience, the ELAS Fund mobilizes resources from various sources, in Brazil and abroad, and provides financial and technical support to women's organizations and informal groups throughout Brazil.

The ELAS Fund has five main areas of social investment (grantmaking):

- No to violence against women and girls

- Women's health, sexual and reproductive rights

- Culture, communication, art and sports

- Environment, fair and sustainable development

- Climate change and its impacts

- Economic autonomy and an end to poverty for women and girls

The professional hired will be responsible for the development management of the ELAS Fund. This area reports directly to the general and executive coordination.

The ELAS Fund currently has 6 different lines of social investment:

Women's health, sexual and reproductive rights

a) Reproductive Rights

b) HIV/AIDS and women

No to violence against women and girls

c) End domestic violence

d) End violence against activists

Economic autonomy and an end to poverty for women and girls

e) Sustainability of feminist and women's organizations

f) Domestic workers' rights

The Institutional Development area is responsible for mobilizing the institution's resources with institutional donors: companies, foundations, institutes, international non-governmental organizations and multilateral organizations. As well as with individuals: organizing and following up on donation campaigns, keeping track of donors in the database. In addition to preparing the annual planning of the year's activities along the lines of mobilization developed in the strategic planning.

The person responsible has to work in cooperation with the programs, entrepreneurship and communications areas. The professional must be part of the team, which means working in an integrated manner with all areas of the ELAS Fund, participating in team meetings and representing the ELAS Fund at external events when necessary.

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