Women's groups and organizations that develop initiatives to help to reduce violence against women in communities in the Metropolitan Region from Rio de Janeiro can be supported by the Speak Without Fear Fund, an initiative of the Avon Institute in partnership with ELAS Social Investment Fund and UN Mwomen. In total, the call for proposals will make R$300,000 available for direct donations.

To take part in the selection, you need to download the application form from the ELAS website, fill it in with the details of the project and the group or organization and send it by post to the Fund by January 31, 2013. Formal and informal women's groups and organizations with no party or religious ties can participate.

In addition to donations of up to R$30,000, the groups and organizations will receive training in public policies (Maria da Penha law), communication and marketing, and will have workshops with specialists in the after-effects of violence and racism. The program also includes opportunities for exchange and sharing experiences.

"This initiative is based on the prerogative that work to promote and act against violence, capable of involving adult and young women and men, of both sexes, through projects run and coordinated by women's groups and organizations, allows new attitudes to be redefined, positively influencing gender equality, human respect and the formation of a culture of peace," said Madalena Guilhon, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund.