Women don't feel free to walk in public spaces, where they are victims of various forms of violence. With this in mind, the Gender and Number has just launched the Braços Dadosapp, which offers women the chance to call on a trusted network with just one click.
The Braços Dados app was developed by Gênero e Número to help women whose daily mobility is impacted by the perception of insecurity. The app offers users the service of sending an emergency message to a network of five previously registered people. At the touch of a button, an SMS message is sent to the pre-selected contacts, signaling the location and alerting a trusted network. Free and exclusively for the Android system, Braços Dados is available on Google Play.
The expectation is that Braços Dados, in addition to being a service for women - who make up the majority of public transport users and make most of their journeys on foot - will also be an ally for mapping situations and spaces in which they feel at risk. By reaching a considerable volume of registered and active users of the app, Gênero e Número will be able to develop analyses on the perception of risk in cities, without any use of individualized data.
Download Braços Dados for free: http://bracosdados.generonumero.media/
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