All 31 projects selected in the XIX Elas Project Competition, in partnership and co-creation with the Avon Institute's Speak Without Fear Fund, and institutional support from UN Women and the Secretariat for Women's Policies of the Presidency of the Republic, were present at the Dialogue held in Rio de Janeiro, from 23 to 25 September, at the Hotel Granada.

The lectures were wonderful, the workshops very useful and the tables included important names from our media, advertising, the feminist and women's movement, the black movement, foundations, NGOs and the representative of our partner, the Avon Institute, Lírio Cipriani.


There was a lot of work, intense discussion, rich learning and fraternal conviviality!

And now the ELAS Fund is populated by the faces, voices and accents of the projects it supports!

ELAS' assertion that investing in women is the fastest way to a better Brazil struck us as particularly concrete.

The focus of the 19th Call for Proposals was domestic violence against women, but the proposals could use the most diverse strategies, such as sport, dance, income generation, communication, education, creative social mobilizations, traditional and popular culture, among others. This gave us the opportunity to get a sense of the creativity, strength and solidarity of Brazilian women in tackling domestic violence against women, as well as other causes.

Our audience was made up of these wonderful women, who were absolutely dedicated to learning more, to exchanging with each other and to debate.

As well as a lot of work, we had moments of sensitivity, fun and a lot of emotion, such as the performance by Elisa Lucinda, the theater and music groups, the street communication video, the Pernambuco roll cake, and, of course, the raffles and the get-together party. It was intense!

It's also a great opportunity to expand our knowledge, exchange experiences, make new friends and, above all, strengthen ourselves in the daily struggle for women's rights! 


  • Affirmative Group of Independent Women 
  • Women's Uprising Collective
  • Balé das Iyabas Cultural Group.
  • A Mulherada Institute
  • Institute of black women Flores de Dan
  • Center for the Defense of Life
  • Streetfootballworld Association  
  • Association of Quilombola Women of Capoeiras
  • Women's Citizenship Group
  • Semear Esperança Project in Carbonita
  • Ilê Omolu Oxum
  • Transas do Corpo Group
  • Community Association for Health Education and Agriculture
  • Associação Renascer Mulher
  • Popular Legal Promoters of São Carlos
  • Búzios Institute
  • Association