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Entries for the ELAS Fund's XX competition with the call for proposals "School Management for Equity: They in the Exact Sciences", in partnership with the Unibanco Institute and the Carlos Chagas Foundation, have been extended to November 3, 2015.
The "Elas nas Exatas" competition aims to help reduce the impact of gender inequalities on students' career choices and access to higher education. It is the first competition aimed at female high school students, which will support initiatives developed in schools across the country. With it, the ELAS Fund expands its activities to a strategic space for promoting equity and transformation: the school environment.
In addition to reaching a new target audience, the ELAS Fund is also innovating in terms of theme and partnership with the XX Contest. For the first time, the fund is launching a competition focused on education and exact sciences and technologies. Also new is the partnership with the Unibanco Institute's School Management for Equity Program and the opportunity to rely on the research and evaluation expertise of the Carlos Chagas Foundation. 
Who can participate
Associations, organizations and informal women's or mixed civil society groups dedicated to promoting education, and/or defending women's rights and/or human rights, with experience of working in the field of education, can participate. Associations representing public schools, such as parent-teacher associations, school funds, etc. can also apply.
What can be proposed
Projects can use a variety of strategies, such as holding events; actions to propose changes in curricula and pedagogical programs; initiatives aimed at developing good school practices; training and capacity-building activities for girls; encouraging the participation of female students in actions such as mathematical olympiads, project development fairs and knowledge competitions; producing information campaigns in the area; supplementary class programs for female students focusing on the exact and natural sciences; fostering interdisciplinary projects and work; partnerships for workshops and complementary courses in robotics, programming and calculus; promotion of meetings between students and women who serve as references for their insertion and professional success in the field of science and technology; production and preparation of innovative and creative audiovisual materials for dissemination among young people, using new communication technologies, social networks, radio, video, cinema, which invite them to learn more about the subject and actions on social networks to share campaigns and information about women's access to careers in the Exact Sciences and Technology.
Serão apoiados 10 projetos que sejam realizados em escolas públicas e tenham como foco principal a redução do impacto das desigualdades de gênero nas e