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On December 4 and 5, KK Verdade, executive coordinator of the ELAS Fund, was in Geneva, Switzerland, for the Gender & Cities event, a panel discussion organized by Women@TheTable. 

On the 4th, KK took part in the panel "The Transforming City", alongside experts such as Caroline Moser, a professor at the University of Manchester. On the 5th, KK gave the talk "Climate justice: feminist catalytics", in which she discussed how to incorporate a gender lens into climate justice and climate change movements. The debate was mediated by Katharina Samara Wickrama, our Oak Foundation partner.
A Women@TheTable believes that "a woman's place is at the decision-making table - in politics, economics, technology, sustainability, sport". The organization is dedicated to making women visible on the global stage, promoting cultural conversations that go beyond "women's issues", in a broader debate about the economy, governance, technology, sustainability and peace. "We create space on traditional platforms and invent new ones when there are few opportunities for women to be visible and have their voices heard," they explain.