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The singer Luedji Luna; the philosopher Sueli Carneiro, one of the main authors of black feminism in Brazil; the Executive Director of the Institute for Climate and Society, Ana Toni; the Doctor of Economics, Beatriz Azeredo, who worked for 10 years as Director of Social Responsibility at Globo, will take part in the live. And also the philosopher, writer and president of the Deliberative Council of ELAS+, Helena Theodoro; the diversity consultant and member of the Deliberative Council of ELAS+, Lam Matos; K.K. Verdade, specialist in LGBT law, women's human rights and political participation and Executive Coordinator of ELAS+ and Amalia Fischer, feminist intellectual, women's rights activist, co-founder and General Coordinator of ELAS+.

Since 2000, ELAS+ has supported the transformation of the world through the actions of LBT women's organizations and groups. They are the ones who move and sustain the economy, wherever they are. They are indigenous women who fight for their rights and territories; they are women from different regions of Brazil who use the fashion production chain to guarantee a life without violence; they are young women who use sport as a tool for achieving equality; they are black women who march for good living and for an anti-racist society. They are diverse women, in a network, fighting for their rights.

In the speeches of the guests, the achievements of these 21 years were revealed: pioneer, creator of avant-garde methodologies, able to go further and further supporting diverse women in the five regions of Brazil!

ELAS+ was able to influence the creation of other funds, and in doing so helped to mature philanthropy for social justice in Brazil. With the pandemic, it has innovated once again by making resources more flexible and thus confirming its unrestricted trust in women and LGBT people: each group knows where it needs to invest.

The live broadcast to celebrate 21 years was simultaneously broadcast on ELAS+ 's official YouTube and Facebook channels.