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Next Tuesday, April 10, the ELAS Fund will be present at the launch of the book Philanthropy for Social Justice, Civil Society and Social Movements in Brazil, organized by Graciela Hopstein, coordinator of the Philanthropy Network for Social Justice.

Amalia Fischer, general coordinator of the ELAS Fund, is one of the authors and signs the article "Context, farces, ironies, lines of escape and clues about feminist philanthropy for social justice: resistances and intersections". The book also includes texts by Ana Toni, from GIP, Ana Valéria Araújo and Maíra Junqueira from the Brazil Human Rights Fund, Maria Amalia Souza, from the CASA Socio-Environmental Fund, Ivana Bentes, from the UFRJ School of Communication, among others.
The publication brings together 22 texts which, based on various theoretical and practical approaches, present analyses and reflections on the scenario of social justice philanthropy in Brazil and its interfaces and links with civil society groups and organizations and social movements. The book is divided into five parts: (1) the human rights scenario in Latin America and Brazil; (2) an international view of philanthropy in Latin America and Brazil; (3) social justice philanthropy in Brazil; (4) community philanthropy in the international scenario and in Brazil and (5) resource mobilization and private social investment in Brazil.
"A fundamental question that emerges as a guiding axis for understanding the spirit of this publication is: what is meant by social justice philanthropy? It involves support - through direct and indirect donations - aimed at strengthening civil society movements, organizations and groups linked to social transformation, equal access to human and civil rights, the redistribution of all aspects of well-being; and the promotion of diversity and equality of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture and disability status," says Graciela Hopstein, the publication's organizer.
"One of the aspects that draws attention - especially for those working in the field - is that the concept of philanthropy in Brazil carries pejorative connotations. And this is undoubtedly another of the central challenges of this work: to be able to deconstruct and construct (simultaneously) the concept, recovering the original meaning 'of humanitarianism, help and love for others'," adds Graciela.
The launch takes place on Tuesday, April 10, at 6:30 pm, at the ICS - Instituto Clima e Sociedade, on Rua General Dionísio, 14, in Humaitá - Rio de Janeiro. There will be a debate and book signing with the organizer and authors.